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Misc Tech / How Late of A Build Is My Car
ok the bird i looked at has 2 codes that are odd. the dso code is 13 and it is not listed in the above pic. and the axle code is a k and its not listed on the cool cats site. so now i know the car was built in the ohio plan so i would venture to say its been a northern car all its life. But it has been cared for very well. ok found a sire where the dso code is listed and im sure this will help others. mine was sold in ny.
Misc Tech / How Late of A Build Is My Car
ok i got one for ya. i know theres a code on the door tag to tell where it was sold origionally. Graham was the one who found it i think and i would like to find it since i am looking at a 87 tc tomorrow.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 1986 xr7
i dont live that far away but i just dont have the funds. If i did i would be all over it. shes a beautiful ride and i have that fox itch again..... Badly!
Body/Appearance/Interior / i think this link should be put in a sticky..
thing is there have been a few of us in contact with places like this and they dont see a huge demand for these parts. even though we have thousands of members between what 5 different sites. But also overshadowing our cars is the mustang. if our cars were as popular as the mustang then we would have the aftermarket support like the mustang. But if we could get the parts how many more birds or cougars could we save with them?
Body/Appearance/Interior / T-Bird Resto/Mod UPDATE 3-16-18
doesnt look too bad. what are your plans for paint? because i ask this is it would depend on the body color if the black wheeles would blend in too much or would off set the body color.
Lounge / I Found an '88 Turbo Coupe
nascar is not going anywhere. its bigger than ever. it rivals the nfl in as many people that attend races or watch on tv.