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General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Need some help.....
Can someone tell me what was supposed to go through these holes in the firewall? 85 turbo coupe. Been working on the dash and wiring and can’t seem to find anything to go through them, I think I maybe forgot to weld them closed.

Lounge / Antique tractors
So besides t-birds and ford pickups I also have a Case tractor problem. I’ll blame this addiction on my Dad. Grew up with Case tractors and dad still crop farms with early 80’s Case tractors. 5 or 6 years ago he bought a 1957 case 400 and a 1957 case 600, which only about 1500 were made. My brother and I decided to take them on some local tractor rides and pull them at the local antique tractor pulls. I kinda got hooked on both. I wasn’t sure about the tractor rides but found them to be relaxing, touring the country gravel roads at about 12 mph you notice a lot of scenery you otherwise wouldn’t. The local antique pulls are pretty much stock tractors and have a 3mph speed limit so you don’t have to spend a fortune to be competitive. Are tractors are stock except I modified the hooking point closer to the rear axle.  So I decided I should get my own and last summer found a 1959 Case 900 out in western Kansas fairly close to Dodge City, and if you have one of something you should have two, so this spring found a 1960 Case 930. I’ve been on a few other long haul trips this spring for a parts tractor, a factory canopy, some wheel weights, and a 4 bottom plow just because dad had been wanting one.

Around here Case tractors are kinda like our cougars and thunderbirds. Most times my brother and I will have the only Case’s in a sea of green and red. 

The top photo is my 900, used it last fall to haul some loads in with. The tractor weighs over 11,000 lbs and has about 70 hp. The wagon is 400 bushels and probably weighs around 22,000 lbs

Bottom left to right - 930, 900, 600, 400
Other Vehicles / 1995 F-150 short bed
Late last winter the 4.7 in my Jeep Grand Cherokee decided it had enough. So it was time to find a new winter ride. Picked up this nice short bed down in Ft. Worth Texas last spring. 2wd, 6 cyl, 5 speed. I’m always amazed at how rust free some of these southern vehicles are. It came apart like it was new, no torch or BFH needed. Worth the 2000 mile round trip for sure.

Used the  80,000 mile drivetrain from my dads rusty 6 cyl, 5 speed, 93 F-150 to make it 4wd.

Swapped front and rear axles, transmission and transfer case, haven’t switched the engine yet. Only thing I needed to buy for the swap was the rear drive shaft, but while I was in there it got new brakes, u-joints, ball joints, bushings, flywheel and clutch. Few things I want to do to it yet, but will have to wait for spring when I can get the SHO wagon back out.

Lounge / Over head car storage
Two 28’ 6” ibeams, eight 6”x6” posts, 12” junior channel, and one storage lift. When backing cars on we supported the junior channel with tall stands. Ibeams are spaced so that tires are almost directly over them. 6’3” under the beams, 5’ from top of beam to ceiling.



Lounge / Power Tour 2017
Power Tour is coming up and routed through Iowa for a day this year. Planning on joining up for the Newton to Quad City leg. If my brother goes we will have his 84 Cougar, if not I will take my SHO Wagon, or if my friend in Newton gets his 68 cougar ready we'll be in that. Just seeing if anyone here will be there.
User Rides / New to me 83
Picked up this 83 in West St Paul MN last night. 3.8, auto overdrive, no power options, r mirror delete, no air, 179,000 miles. Well cared for one owner with original paint. Should make a good home for my 289, otherwise going to leave it alone, or try to anyway.

Other Vehicles / SHO wagon build
Almost done with the wagon build. Here a few of the highlights.

Out with the 3.8

Used all the wiring from the 94 SHO from the dash forward. Just a few modifications for the rear wiper/washer and hatch solenoid, had to re-pin some connectors where the dash harness meets the body wiring.

In with the 3.2, everything hooked up and ready to start. 

2.5" 304 stainless exhaust. Borrowed the lers and a few other things I had purchased for the TBird.

Ready for paint

Masked up ready to go





Recovered SHO seats. The upholstery shop talked me out of leather and used a good quality vinyl. It has a good feel and nice grain so I am pleased with them.

Just a few odds and ends to finish up. I have put about 50 miles on it now. Just a few minor issues, an egr code, and the cruise control isn't working, think it is the deactivation switch on the master cylinder.
Other Vehicles / Part of the flock - new addition
Couple from the past

1994 SHO - Was my daily driver for about 8 years, currently being parted for the wagon.

1975 Jeep J20 401 Auto quadra-trac  - My first shop truck. At first the stacks were hooked up. The cab noise was too much, put up with it for a about a year then had them disconnected.

Current Rides

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Winter beater

1995 Taurus - Every day driver, shop runner. Soon to be 3.2 Auto SHO powered

1993 SHO 3.0 5 speed - The got someplace nice to go car

1995 F250 7.3 Auto - Current shop truck, was dark green and rusted out. Redone 5 years ago, Texas cab and box with a/m front fenders and hood.

The twins, 1967/68  Simplicity 2010 and Allis b-10. Use them both, the only mowers I have. Have a snow blower, blade, vac system, and plow for them. The B-10 was my Grandfathers. He recalled buying it at a neighbors auction in 1974. I bought the 2010 off of ebay years ago for $500, had to drive just south of Lima OH to pick it up.

1923 Model T pickup - Was also my Grandfathers. Needs completely redone. Looking forward to tooling around in it someday.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Saved a Bird from the shredder
Found this 83 on craigslist about 20 miles away. He was asking $1500, after talking to him about the condition I suggested that it was probably worth $500 tops. Went to look at it 3 weeks ago and offered him $400 (which was still too much), he said sold and that if I didn't buy it most likely it was going to end up at Clayton County Recycling just a few miles up the road from me. I will use the dash out of it and strip it of a few other parts I need/want to keep, then let my brother and his buddy pick it over, and if there is anything of value left will post it up here. It is 3.8 auto, doesn't run, and really rusty. The interior isn't too bad, other than the mice have been using it for shelter.

Lounge / Wood Splitter Rebuild
For the last few years I have been threatening to replace the beam on my wood splitter. It was wearing thin and starting to bend up at the edges. I purchased the splitter used about 15 years ago and the first year used it as it was. Gave it a bit of a makeover before the second year, changed the pump and made it direct drive instead of chain drive, added a larger hydraulic tank, cylinder, and new valve.

This redo includes a heavier beam, tube brace to hold up the front of the motor, built in stand,  and a strap to help hold the hydraulic tank. I also blasted and painted it this time around, most of it anyway. My original plan for paint was Stihl orange and white, but decided it would be less noticeable when I leave it in the woods atlas green. It has a 4 cyl air cooled Wisconsin motor (30 hp) 28 gpm 2 stage pump, and a 5" bore 24" stroke cylinder. The splitting wedge is 12" tall.

Any way, I enjoyed seeing what others have posted for wood splitters/adventures in wood heating, so thought I would post up some of mine.

 You can see how the motor is tipping forward, and my stand was a chunk of wood.

Etch primer

Atlas green

The bracket on top of the hydraulic tank holds a 5 gallon boat gas tank. Still need to get the high pressure and return hoses made.

This is the pile of wood it takes to get thru the winter each year. In a few weeks I will need to get started for this winter. It's about 40 feet long and the ceiling is 14'. This pic is the fall of 2011.

Takes 12 to 13 trailer loads

The old wood hauler/plow truck, 85 F250, 460, c6
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Fuel sending unit - digital dash car
Need a fuel sending unit that is 15 ohm empty and 160 ohm full for my 4.6 swap project.

From what I have researched the 87,88 cars with a digital dash had senders with 9-12 ohms empty and 154-160 ohms full. Should be accurate enough.

If someone has something for me let me know how much shipped to 52159.

Thanks, Joe
Lounge / 1993 SHO "New" fair weather daily driver
Made a trip to Lansing MI (car is originally from TN) Saturday to pick up this 93 Sho to replace my rusted out 196,500 mile 94 Sho. It has a few dings and rock chips, otherwise very nice for its mileage and age. I drove my 94 year round, going to try to keep this one out of the salt.

102,000 miles, 3.0L, 5 speed

Suspension/Steering / Swaybar endlink angle
Because of the 13" lower control arms, and the 2003 mustang swaybar, my endlinks are at quite an angle, this is the bar and arms I have to use for various other reasons. It doesn't look so bad in the pic, but when installing the bolt it rubs the hole in the sway bar. Thinking this may be an issue and wanted the opinions of any chassis guru's out there. One solution would be to cut the mounts off the lower control arms and move them (I don't like that idea too well). Or was thinking about having an offset link machined like the mock up below. It would account for the offset in the holes side to side, and fore and aft. Any issues with a offset link I am not seeing? Or maybe I am over thinking and it will be fine as is. For reference on the angle use the jack handle or garage door tracking.

User Rides / My 85 TBird
This was my 85 turbo coupe  and my friends 84 Cougar XR7 about 15 years ago. The bird had a 289 and C4, the cougar had a 351 and a C6. Tore the bird down 12 years ago with the intention of redoing it with fuel injection and overdrive trans. Decided it was time to get started.

What it looked like when it was pushed into the shop in Feb.

My fuel injection and overdrive, 2003 SVT cobra 4.6 and T56