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The insructors not a bad guy he's just really overworked. He has to stay on top of  a dozen or more projects all at once . I'm actually wiring his house right now. As for the  smog pump stuff i just got my plumber uncle to sodder? on a copper cap on the down tube.sorry but to break the topic a bit, John I hope you see this cuz I like ya and I value your opinion and any others who may want to chime in. My uncle (not the plumber) is a retired rail roader and has quite a netegg saved away but he could never use as much as he has so he spends alot on me and we spend alot of time together. (im his favorite and oldest nephew) He popped this on me today: he wants to by me a new car! A subaru wagon  which is peppy but no cougar. to get the vehicle it requires trading in the cat. (for a lousy 200 trade in value) im torn and unsure what to do. i think the cat needs a couple grand in repairs (most of which i would do myself) i enjoy working on my car. The subaru is a 98 wagon AT, w/ a 2.2 4 banger all tuned up and rides nice. free tires for life and routine maintanance andi dont pay a cent for it. what do you think i should do? and plese dont bias your opinions based on that you all love your cats and birds. I need to be semi practical here. thaks you all! TIM
by the way would you all hate and scorn me if i got rid of the cat? :D

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tim, the subaru should be a good car. its got the better engine (more reliable and less noisy than the 2.3.) the other engine had a problem with being noisy untill like 2001 or 02 i think. tha autos are much better (im pretty sure you should have the 4 speed in that vs the older 3 speed). they tend to have a ton of body roll. giving your situation i dont see how you could pass it up. id try to at least keep a higher rated tire on it to keep the sidewalls a little stiffer. makes a big differance on those. the 4 door sedans a little better.

id just go ahead and trade the cougar if its that far gone. if you realy like it and the body is clean, str8 and rust free maybe yank the drivetrain and start picking away at it as a project car. the price is right. otherwise list it in the local paper and want ad mag. might get more than a dealer will give you. they are only gonna acv it for nothing anyway and wholesale it. i certainly wouldnt pass up such a deal. there is always time to pick up another tbird, cougar or mustang or whatever later. as specially if the free car is only gonna cost you maintanance, gas and insurance.
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I was kinda hoping I could keep it as a project car (especially since the dealer only wants to give it a 200 trade in value) but I dont have anywhere to keep it. I had so many great plans for it but now...I think I'll post it up in the 4sale section. Do yoou know how many cougar enthusiasts are in western mass? I would hold onto it till CJ but like I said nowhere to put it.