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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: Heater Hose Fitting for 5.0 CFI Intake Manifold
I went to a few wrecking yards to find the 5.0 CFI heater hose fitting, but I could not find one.  Decided to go to a hardware store to see if I could build my own heater hose fitting.  Found a few basic plumbing parts that should work:

3/8" Tee-pipe fitting
3/8" pipe nipple
1/2" to 3/8" hex bushing
3/8" hose fitting

Not the best looking fitting for an engine, but a good temporary fix.  Something that can be used until I can find the original heater hose fitting...
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: Bushing for Kickdown Rod 5.0 CFI
Thanks for all the info!...  Checked all the auto parts stores locally and online, but no one carried this bushing.  There is a bushing being sold on Ebay that looks like the correct one, but I don't want to pay $20-$25 for one small plastic bushing...

I decided to go to Home Depot and see what I could find.  The hole on the kickdown bar at the throttle body is an odd one - about a 27/64 inch sized hole.  So, I found a 1/2 inch plastic spacer, 1/4 inch long, and modified it with some 100 grit/200 grit sandpaper and a small metal file.  Seems to work okay, so I'll test this $1.25 modified bushing with a 1/4 inch hitch pin and see how long it will last... Thanks!
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Bushing for Kickdown Rod 5.0 CFI
I'm looking for the kickdown rod bushing for a 1984 Tbird 5.0 CFI.  This is a plastic bushing that inserts into the top portion of the metal kickdown rod and then attached to the choke lever of the CFI body.  I ordered a 5-pack of Dorman bushings, but none of them fit.  I checked the major auto parts stores and none of them carry this bushing.  Also, checked Amazon and Ebay, but I can't tell if those bushings are the correct part / correct part number.  Does anyone know the correct Dorman part number of the bushing or would a different type of bushing work? Does anyone know a source for this bushing?  Thanks!...
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: Heater Hose Fitting for 5.0 CFI Intake Manifold
I did a lot of research online, and there is no part number for this fitting.  I think it was only included with an OEM intake manifold.  I checked some of the aftermarket intake manifolds available, but none of them include the fitting.  Wrecking yard might be an option, but it will be tough to find early 1980s Fords, Mercurys and Lincolns in a local wrecking yard now. I think Ford only made the CFI engine for 2-3 years before going to EFI. Probably have to check some of the classic car wrecking yards online.  Or maybe repair the damaged one that's on the car...  Thanks!
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Heater Hose Fitting for 5.0 CFI Intake Manifold
Looking for a heater hose fitting that installs into the intake manifold on a 1984 model 5.0 CFI engine.  This fitting can accommodate a heater hose and a coolant temperature sensor.  Seems like this fitting was only included with the OEM intake manifold.  I cannot find a part number for the fitting and new aftermarket fittings are not available.  Any sources out there for a used fitting? Thanks!
Engine Tech / 84 Tbird Fast Idle Issue - Parts Source???
I have a 84 Tbird with a 5.0L CFI engine.  When starting the engine, the fast idle runs too fast - around 3500 rpm.  And most of the time the fast idle varies from fast to way too fast. Also, the automatic fast idle kickdown doesn't work. I've narrowed down the problem to the control diaphragm that connects to the thermostat.  Does anyone know of a parts source for a replacement pulldown control diaphragm for a CFI engine?  Thanks!
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / WTB: 84 T-Bird Upper Door Weatherstrip Assembly
Looking for a low cost source for the upper door weatherstrip sections on a 84 T-Bird.  These are the weatherstrip pieces on the door above the vent window.  Looking for new ones at a reasonable price or some decent used weatherstrip pieces.  Shop manual shows part number 20754. Thanks...
Engine Tech / 84 Thunderbird - Original Exhaust System - ler
Thanks for everyone's help!  I checked Autozone and they only have the ler.  I can only find universal tailpipes - not sure if they would fit.  I might cut off the existing tailpipe from the old ler and try to use it with the new ler... The one piece I can't find is the pipe between the cat Y-pipe and the ler.  Is this pipe called an extension pipe or intermediate pipe or ????  Could I create a custom pipe by cutting a long pipe in half, shortening it and connecting them with a collar?  There's a lot of stock pipes available for the V6 engine, but not too many stock pipes for the V8 engine.  This is the first time I'm trying to replace part of an exhaust system, so these must seem like simple questions for most of you... Thanks!
Engine Tech / 84 Thunderbird - Original Exhaust System - ler
I need to replace the ler on my 84 Thunderbird 5.0 AT.  It has the original ler with an aftermarket tailpipe welded to the ler.  I want to replace the ler myself, but I don't have any welding or pipe bending equipment.  Looking at the shop manual, it looks like the original ler section had the ler input pipe, ler and tailpipe as one unit.  This portion of the exhaust system was bolted to the output Y-pipe from the catalytic converters.  Does anyone sell an aftermarket ler unit (input pipe, ler, tailpipe) that is a direct replacement for the original ler section?  Or can I obtain two or three separate pieces - input pipe, ler, tailpipe - that I could bolt/connect together to replicate the original section?  I'm just looking for a stock ler section where the pipes can be connected without welding.  Thanks!