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Events & Shows / Philly, DC, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Allentown
I drifted away from logging in to this forum for a few reasons one of which it seemed the discussion moved over to facebook and I don't do facebook, instagram and whatnot.  There was a black XR-7 that recently popped up around Westminster - one time left on the side of the road near Random House on MD 27 some time around March or April.  Then I think it was listed for sale on the Internet more recently.  I can't remember if I saw it on ebay or Craigslist or whatever but it wasn't that long ago.  I'd be up to meet some folks at a central point determined by everyone's hometown as discussed earlier in this thread.  As always I'm sure we'd have a challenge to align schedules which is probably one of the biggest reasons this hasn't happened yet.  Good to 'hear' from you though.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / 1987 20th Ann Cougar - 740 ORIGINAL MILES!!!!
That car was listed at $10,500 for quite some time at Daniel Chevrolet Buick in Whitesville, WV.

(I contemplated it when it was for sale at $10,500 but couldn't justify it for my cirspoogestances so I let it go.  If I could only have just one Cougar, I'd keep one I already own.  The AFTER car - fully loaded black '88 XR-7.)

I'm sure at least a slightly lower offer was made and accepted after the amount of time they had it.  It seems to be going through a chain of car flippers.
Lounge / New to T-Birds and this forum
Quote from: Matt Jewell;450229
Hello. Just wanted to thank everyone that has contributed with helpful data on this platform. I purchased an '88 T-Bird a month ago after searching for an LSC. So far my wife and 17 year old son have driven it more than me. Gathering parts and info for some upgrades. My other 2 cars require climbing over rollcages, and I wanted something a little more simple. Noticed a few members are located in Westminster, Maryland,  and I think the one car is only a few miles from me.

Yaayyy!!!!!! Check it out!!!!!  Another member in Westminster!!!!!!!

There's at least four other Cougars on this forum in Westminster that I know of.
Events & Shows / Philly, DC, Harrisburg, Baltimore, Allentown
I used this site

The following locations are the results from entering the 14 pin locations folks here have posted on ZeeMaps.

center of minimum distance: 2800-2844 Stockton Road Phoenix, MD 21131, USA

midpoint: 1141 Walters Mill Road Forest Hill, MD 21050, USA

In/around Jarrettsville, MD appears to be half way between those two locations.
Engine Tech / Fan Clutch
Thanks for all of the input, suggestions, ideas etc.  I'll reply to this thread when I get it sorted.  This is a rare climate in the car scene.
Engine Tech / Fan Clutch
Back about 20 years ago or so, my fan clutch went up in my 87 3.8L Cougar.  The odd part was the symptoms were backward to me.  The engine temperature was fine at idle and low speeds but started to climb at higher speeds.  But a replacement fan clutch fixed it.  20 years later, same symptoms.  Sanity check: when these fail, does that seem logical?
Lounge / technology and me
Given the political landscape, I'd surmise a number of those types vote. Not only do they want you to take their notes and test for them, they'll demand you earn their living. Hell, they'll just quit with the charade and won't bother even "working" any more but rather demanding the dwindling number of people who still do to support them.

Oh wait, that's already happening.
Lounge / Extending Forum Time Limitations and more!
I would rather be exposed to more listings and retain the option of exercising my own discretion when contemplating a car or parts purchase than having some other entity police, filter, and limit those choices. I want to know of every possible Cougar out there for sale and then leave it up to my own discernment on whether or not to pursue, not some regulator's discernment on whether or not we are allowed to even be made aware of the possible item for sale.

And the whole "look at me, look how much money I gave" is not the type of mentality or tone I enjoy being around. Many of us here give a lot in various forms. Some give money, some give time, some give parts ideas, some create new parts, some have helped with forum calendars, some give parts, and even cars, to others, and on and on. Flaunting that type of thing next to every post, on your windshield, etc. reeks of self-righteous pride that unfortunately creeps into many aspects of the car world but fortunately has for the most part, stayed away from this community. There's more ways to contribute than money and many have done just that over the years without the need to remind the board with every post they make.

I don't want to be forced to pay for regulation and limited choices. We have more than enough of that from our government.

I don't understand why someone would need two hours to type a few paragraphs but if it doesn't open the software up to more vulnerabilities, I'm indifferent on that one. However if that exposes the software to vulnerabilities, there are other ways folks who need two hours to write some sentences can draft without losing their work.