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Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / B303 cam
I have a B303 cam I will not be using. It’s new in box. $245/shipped in lower U.S.
Shipping USPS with tracking.
Lounge / Re: Forum Tweaking
Thanks for all the work & keeping the site going 👍. Will you need members to donate to help cover the upgrades/changes in any way?
Lounge / Re: F.E.P , What’s up?
When they get it going again maybe they can ask for contributions to help fund the site/pay for upgraded website?  If that’s possible or needed.
Lounge / F.E.P , What’s up?
Is anyone here logging on to Four Eyed Pride lately? I’ve tried and it looks like the site is down and has been awhile. Is this for website repair or something else? Just checking and hopefully someone here knows something.
 Thanks for your time.
Suspension/Steering / Shock & strut availability
Did Tbirds & Cougars come with MotorCraft shocks/struts originally or something else? Are they still available and if not what is a good upgrade for a nice comfortable ride?
Miscellaneous For Sale/Wanted / B303 cam -
I have a B303 cam I purchased but sold the car I was going to use it in. Cam is new and in original box. Thought maybe someone here may be interested.
$245/shipped USPS with tracking. ( Lower U.S. only)
Audio & Other Aftermarket Electronics / Re: Stock stereo question
So the sound will only be as good as the signal the factory head unit puts out which is by today’s standards is not all that great.  The reason I say this is the only way we used to install aftermarket amps on the stock stereo was to use line output converters which convert the speaker output out of the head unit to an RCA signal.  So with that you connect the LOC’s directly to the speakers wires on the back of the head unit and the signal is only as good as the electronics in your puppies near 40 year old radio.

Decent video on how to install:

You will want to install two of them or one that does front and rear channels if you plan on amplifying both the front and rear speakers. This will allow you to utilize the fader on the head unit. If you want to install a subwoofer simply use a set of “Y” RCA cables so you can split the sound from either the front or rear channel depending on how you want the subwoofer to fad. I was always a fan of putting it with the front speakers.

Some of the newer amps have outputs on them to provide signal to a sub amp so the “Y”’s would not be necessary in that case.

Anyhow hope this helps and for the love of car audio ditch the factory head unit.

I agree about the factory head unit. The only reason I have not swapped it out is my car is a 30th anniversary bird with less than 20k miles. Speakers won’t be seen so I don’t mind changing them. CD changer in trunk again won’t be seen. Just trying to keep it stock appearance . I have considered a head unit that looks “period correct “ but I’m hesitant.
Audio & Other Aftermarket Electronics / Stock stereo question
I’m replacing the speakers in my 85 Tbird. I’m also adding a CD changer ( Alpine with remote), for that “ period correct look. I’m keeping the factory head unit ( no eq) . Can I add an amplifier to the factory unit? It’s been years since I have messed with audio equipment. I’m sure there is much better equipment but this car is all original and I would like it to appear that way while getting better sound. ( Hopefully that makes since and I didn’t ramble.)
Body/Appearance/Interior / Re: Under hood mat/insulation
Update….. I received the under hood mat. I have not installed it yet but it does appear to be be well made. It may not look like the original exactly but will be much nicer looking that the deteriorated one . Shipping was quick.👍
Body/Appearance/Interior / Painting interior parts
Ok guys 2 questions…..
1- What is the exact color of my 85 Anniversary Tbird interior? Is it Lite Regatta blue ?
2- How do I go about re-painting the drivers side arm rest. The previous owner touched it up with a darker blue and I would like to get a closer match. What type of prep work etc is involved and is SEM paint the way to go?