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Re: 3G alternator/electric fan upgrade

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Hmmm, ok, so now what is it that goes bad so often in the rebuilt ones? (EDIT: Scratch that question, I just took the time to read the post.) If this $12 3G alt conversion is a DIY project then I might give a crack at it.  Are brushes, etc easily accessible?  My charging system's so weak the headlights dim when I roll the windows up or down!

Re: 3G alternator/electric fan upgrade

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The brushes and regulator are very easy to get at. You don't even have to remove the alt from the car, you just take the top bolt out and rotate the alt away from the engine. If you look at this pic:

...the regulator is the thing that the plug is connected to. Four small torx screws hold it in. When you remove the regulator the brushes and holder come out with it.

Tom: Your US dollar hasn't been doing so great lately. $12 Canadian is worth a bit better than $10 US now ($10.07 to be exact). The official exchange rate as of this writing is $1 US = $1.19 CDN (or $1 CDN = $0.839 US)
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Re: 3G alternator/electric fan upgrade

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for those that might be interested I have one of those powermaster alts from summit on my 88 gt and it is very good puts out 14.7v at idle came with 8g wire to run to solenoid easy bolt on very high quality came with a sheet where it was tested at the factory 97 amps at idle 150 amps max