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who here saves back their seeds from gardening>>?

I have *********WAY TOO MANY********** and its a sin to waste them.

I want this to be a serious topic for serious times by serious people who are not asleep.
I am considering a zero dollar cost idea to network us all together on one platform that will eventually piss off the globalists.

Re: seeds

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I had some bird seed once and threw it on the ground.

Not a single bird grew out of that bird seed. I lost my interest in gardening.
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Re: seeds

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When the day comes that big mushrooms spout up all over densely populated areas and mil. bases, your idea(s) will have great weight and few adherents.

Thank all that's holy that there are means to survive should the supply chain of food dry up.

While I don't really believe such a time will happen, it COULD, and so...

And, if it doesn't....well, I won't ever regret the fun I had, with firearms, knives, and the time spent outdoors.

Look sharp, sleep lightly, and trust rarely.

I rarely wax political these days, but....boys, shiznit can turn a lot worse without any warning.
Stay safe.
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