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illuminated switch question

Not sure if my query should go here as it doesn't exactly pertain to a apologies in advance if I posted in the wrong section..

This pertains to my 2006 Explorer...anywho, there is what is known as the brown wire mod, it basically keeps the auto transfer case from engaging when it wants to, in effect, keeping the vehicle in "true" 2wd.

My question is this; is it possible to use an illuminated switch to be able to send power to the 4wd module when I need 4x4, and have the switch illuminated when on? I don't want to send voltage to something that shouldn't have it, or backfeed into the module when the switch is off (which would be counter productive to the whole idea anyway)...

Granted, one would need a schematic to fully see what I'm talking about...

Right now I have a simple toggle switch and it works fine but I'd like to have something that's lit up when on and the auto 4wd is acting as it should...

I'm not the most well versed in 12v DC wiring and don't want to mess stuff up.

The purpose of the cutting off the signal to the t-case is two fold; a bit better mileage and the feeling of more power due to the lack of parasitic loss to the front end's getting power.
This actually won't harm the T case as everything is still mechanically connected, it merely keeps the t-case from auto engaging when the system detects (what it thinks, anyway) is wheel spin at the rear...
I've actually driven several thousand miles with the signal wire unpinned from the module's connector...only thing I've noticed is about a mile, mile and half increase of fuel mileage.

Anyway, if my rambling makes any sense, I appreciate feedback :)
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Re: illuminated switch question

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In my internet searches, I have not been able to find an illuminated switch that would work for you.
They all use the switched circuit (brown wire) as part of the light circuit. You want the light on when the brown wire is plus or minus (active or inactive).
Not to say there isn't such a switch, I just can't find one.

You could use a common double pole switch to control the "Brown wire" and a light that's not part of the switch.

Re: illuminated switch question

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Wont the ecu disable 4wd(AWD) completely and limp mode it if it tries to send a signal to engage it and it doesnt engage?
I dont understand how you arent getting check engine light doing that.
My 04 nbx explorer never really had bad mpg for what it was.
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