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87 "coug" resto winter project

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This is my steering wheel.

87 "coug" resto winter project

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hey mike,,
do the MN series (all of them) fit our cars?

87 "coug" resto winter project

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Im unsure of that.  My wheel is a 87 Mustang that I put a cougar emblem in middle of, instead of the little ford logo.

87 "coug" resto winter project

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wide band o2 gauge bracket made up so that the trim installs without any need to cut it up.

the wiring path for this is the left vertical side of the dash where there is an oval "ish" opening big enough to get all the cables ran in.

one lead to the EVP sensor center tap
one lead to switched battery power
one lead to chassis "near" the eec
one lead to headlamp non dimable ckt

Re: 87 "coug" resto winter project

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panels to go in the car with things the car did not come with factory.

this also includes our 5 position rotary switch which is supposed to "on the fly" let my son pick which tune he wants to use.

there will be 4 tunes,, and position 5 is a sort of emergency limp home using the EEC just in case the tweecer has a failure.

Re: 87 "coug" resto winter project

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got the interior painted.

Duplicolor “trim and bumper paint”

Seems really good to me, I have all over the dash and this glove box.

I went to put this back on and noticed an area I was not happy with so 400 grit away I went.

Reshot again

It was really difficult to get the paint to sand down.  I am not saying this stuff wont scratch but… its really strong

Re: 87 "coug" resto winter project

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test hits in progress,, then the TV cable pops off.
driving in 2nd for the distance may have cost me my forward clutch pack.
seeing the problem  now has my side brain trying to event a way that if this happens, the tv lever stays partially open to prevent trans damage.
i have no 3rd or OD.

back to demo.  at least its a clean job and my exhaust is all SS band clamps.
Talked to a trans shop, and im all set.  dono how much this will cost but since its the very last internal module to come out of the aod,, im gonna have him redo everything.  when i got the trans, i did find metal flakes sort of bronze  / brass looking.  prob a bushing on a valve body piston.

Mike, im doing a youtube review on tweecer soon.
i have couple vids now not posted because the topic of the vid was something else.