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Rules for posting in the For Sale/Wanted sections

  • The owners of this forum assume no responsibility for any transaction that is initiated throught these listings. BUYER BEWARE! If you are not sure of the person you are dealing with, don't deal with them! All transactions are at your risk!
  • Private sales only, please! If you see a car at a dealership or on ebay feel free to post a link to it, but dealerships are not welcome to post cars for sale here. This isn't Auto Trader.
  • If you are selling your item or items on eBay you may post one link to your auction(s) in this section. No "bumping" will be permitted. Neither will auction spamming.
  • When selling any item, you MUST include your location (city, state/province). Posting something for sale does not do you any good if nobody knows where to find it! There have been complaints about this, so it will be enforced from here on out. If you find your ad replaced with the words "RULE #4" you'll know why.
  • Whenever possible, include a pic. This website has provisions for attaching pictures to posts, so not having an online host is no excuse. your item will sell much faster - People are reluctant to buy what they can't see.
  • Even if you aren't a regular here, if you post something for sale at least have the courtesy of checking your thread at least once daily. Most people will ask questions about your item in the thread you post it in. If those questions go unanswered the thread will be considered abandoned and subsequently deleted.
  • No spam. We don't want your X2 Spy Camera or pen 15 enlargement pills, and we don't want your spam. Take it elsewhere.
  • We reseve the right to edit, remove, delete or lock any thread at our sole discretion with no warning. If we feel your advertisp00get does not meet the standards of this community, consider it gone
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Got it!