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ran the bird again

last time i ran at these temps i was running solid 15.1-15.2 @ 94ish

first pass
rt    .539
60'  2.617
330  6.577
1/8  9.824
mph  76.40
990  12.970
1/4  14.97
mph  96.46

second pass
rt    .853
60'  2.561
330  6.575
1/8  9.816
mph  76.79
990  12.536
1/4  14.956
mph  96.99

not to shabby for a stick (consistancy), and no traction. every time i launched i spun threw first, half way threw second, and a bit of third.

Re: ran the bird again

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You're loosin' .5-.6 in that 60ft.

With good traction, 96-97 mph should get you 14.20s

So how you like workin' for Kmart??

Re: ran the bird again

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i wish i could spin through first...hell, i wish i could spin em for the first foot of the track

not too shabby man, get some drag radials and watch your times get better
It's Gumby's fault.

Re: ran the bird again

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yeah, dr's are deffenatly next on the list, ill have to waite for next season to find out tho. i hope to have heads and intake in a few months. working for sears, i mean k-mart :mad:  i dont make all that much green

Quote from: TurboCoupe50

So how you like workin' for Kmart??

lol, that was all the talk at work today lol, it sux. havent heard any changes so far, but apairently their clearing out some wearhouses of stock, we got 8 flats of  of shoes today, thats about 100 boxes about 3'x2'x2' and we got to orginize every thing by the end of the week (looks like a hurricain hit the stock rooms) for some corperate walk threw... :shoothead