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Re: Chuck's '83 TBird

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I don't put a ton of miles on the car, but I also have 3 other cars that can drive on any given day. Still, with the car choices and riding my bike to work 1-2 days a week, none of my cars get a bunch of miles put on them.
With the interior built back out, and the car is now usable to haul kiddos around, it'll be driven more.

Right now, I'm not inclined to pay a bunch of money on tires, so I'm probably going to use a set of the Falken Ziex 950's on it. I've used them on several vehicles. While I have no plans for snow/rain driving in this thing, it'll get driven in the cold if things are dry, and I have no need for another "summer" tire. 
Aside from the truck and her old Beetle, everything we drive gets performance all-seasons (V+ speed rating), as I hate squirmy tires.
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Re: Chuck's '83 TBird

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Got the new tires in the other day and was able to get them swapped out today. Went with the Falkens I mentioned above, in a 245/45.

A couple of pics of the rear suspension, as the lighting is better, not being in the garage.

Old tires are old.

Wheels cleaned up and ready to reinstall when I get another free moment this week.
Long live the 4-eyes!  - '83 Tbird Turbo

Re: Chuck's '83 TBird

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Looks like this thing needs tie rods too.

I was sticking a couple of the wheels back on and noticed that both inner tie rods had some play.

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Re: Chuck's '83 TBird

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Got the tire rods installed over the weekend and finally got the wheels/tires reinstalled.

One small issue with the tire install. I thought I had pulled off all of the old weights before taking them to be done, but I hadn't. The guy doing the work also missed the extra weights and balanced the set-up with them installed.
I found the mess up when I got home and noticed the excessive amount of new weights. Then I noticed the 8  1/4oz weights on the opposite side. Ope.

Took that one back to have it redone.

Checked the alignment and we should be good to go.

Of course, as if on queue, the starter is beginning to act up. It'll sometimes not engage when the key is turned. Need to verify whether it's the starter or the solenoid,
Long live the 4-eyes!  - '83 Tbird Turbo