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py Day at the Track

Took my son back out to the track today for a Ford event at Mason Dixon Dragway. Of course the alternator gave up 20 minutes away from the track. Showed up almost 2 hours late after getting a friend to pick up my boy and head to Napa for a replacement so I could replace it on the side of the road. Got to the track in time to miss time runs and went into eliminations. Nothing good to report. Trans seems like it is on its way out. Car was sluggish at best down low and smoked.  Car ran 92 miles an hour on a scrubbed pass with a 3.20 60 ft after pushing thru the beams. I expected if everything worked properly the car should have ran 102-104 MPH. Back to formula.
1988 LX, 306 with GT40P heads, Downs Upper Intake on Truck Lower, Powerdyne Supercharger and T5 swap.  Scavenger Hunt Build at it's best.