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Current stuff

'88 K150 (yes, I said 150, LOL) that is currently out of action because I can't find a good 700R4 to put in it..

Bonus: in the second pic, you can see one of the two large-as-f*ck Oak trees that blew down in a windstorm that occurred in 2011. 17 truck loads of wood from those two trees, and there were still chunks that I simply couldn't get into the splitter, they took a short ride by a chain to the ditch...

Here's an '85 GT that my "partner" and I took apart

...a lot of ^ that car's parts are in storage for this car :

As you can see, I did some cleanup in the engine bay and frame rail area to stop some cancer that had started in the battery area.
This car will eventually get a 351w, or a 460...I've not decided yet. I'm even kicking around the idea of swapping all my mechanicals and dash/wiring from the '89 LX 5.0 'vert that I gutted a year ago.
This was THAT car:

What's left of this engine is on my stand, waiting on a little free time to stab an E cam into it, and follow it up with some P heads and a Cobra intake. I've also got a smog eliminator, and a BBK/Flow exhaust waiting in the wings.
These are a few goodies that will also appear:

The engine will go into this car:

It'll match some of this other good stuff:

Here's the rear getting the Royal treatment lol

Dirty ole horse:

Yeah, that's a real L, too, but sadly, didn't have the original GT40 351w.. :(

This is when the '87 first had surgery..I'd eventually like to run those 17" this pic, the wheel was just mocked up...if you look closely, you can see a 10 hole actually mounted on the car.. ;)

I'd also like to put some Mountaineer pics up, but I simply don't have many. Seems I mostly post pics of my shiznit that doesn't run or is a project.. :hick:

Besides, if you've seen one Mounty, you've about seen them all. Mine's of course the 5.0, AWD, and has over quarter million miles, but it starts and runs first time, every time, and I'd get in it and drive to any of the three coasts with no worry other than how in the hell am I going to afford the gas.. :bowdown:

Here's some other stuff that is either was a has been, a maybe, or a might have been, but are now lost to the ages:

'90 Will be gone later this year..

First Thunderbird. '88 LX. RIP

'88 Base/3.8 Was a great car, long as I kept oil in it. RIP

2002 S10. Was the wife's truck before we met. All we ever did to it was put a fuel pump in, brakes, tires, and a fuse. Pretty decent little truck. We sold it to put money into our Caprice, and I'd have much rather took a dump in the backseat of that car and pushed it over a cliff.

I won't even talk about the abomination that was sitting behind the S10. Far as I am concerned, there's NO reason, no reason at all to own an MN12 car, unless it's a '97 with a 4.6, and you've rustproofed the shaging daylights out of the quarters and rear frame areas.

And, my first car. Believe it or not, it still looks a lot like this, 8 yeas later. Though I doubt the tires have any air in 'em


And sometimes I just get wild on the farm:
'84 Mustang
'98 Explorer 5.0
'03 Focus, dropped a valve seat. yay. freakin' split port engines...
'06 Explorer EB 4.6