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Fun night at the track

A good night. Hanging out with BJL, Eric and Jim. Only me and Brian had to endure going slower than a new Honda accord though :punchballs:  and the new volkswagon beetle that would be neck and neck with me :shoothead
run 1: 14.20@97.82  2.072 60'
run 2: 14.03@98.35  2.011 60'
run 3: 15.72@97.08  2.727 60'
run 4: 14.10@98.40  2.089 60'

I will get a 13.xx@1xx.xx if I have to sacrifice my RAV4 to the automotive gods!!!
home ported E7's, HO intake, 93 Tbird cam, 65mm tb, Shorties, dynomax lers, TC 3.73 rear, Mach 1 springs, Bauman shiftkit, epoxy mod, SD, 3G alt, black magic fan