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2011 Black Bird Times

ITT I will keep everyone updated with my daily driver's 1/4 times and what I did to achieve them.

My first night out was a bust with a best of 16.00 at 87 MPH on bald 215 65 15 street tires.  I should be well into the 14s as I dyno at 187 HP and 243 TQ. 

I plan on running again this friday and made a few adjustments. 

-brand new 255 60 15 rear tires
-cold air / ram air intake system
-fresh full synthetic oil
-coolant flush
-weight reduction

I will post my new times soon!
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2011 Black Bird Times

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Hell yeah man. So your cars mostly stock minus the exhaust and fuel pump? I am very curious as to what would be the best mods besides turbos. Is there a pic of your car on here somewhere? Thanks and good luck. Keep us posted Carl.