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new best in my '86

Not the fastest time on the board but here it is:

60ft.: 2.1165
1/8 mile : 10.0179@68.75
1/4 mile : 15.6719@89.98

Thats almost 2 tenths quicker with the gears and the HO plenuim and TB on a 5.0L SO motor with headers and exhaust. The 3.73s didn't improve my short time like I thought though. It griped out the hole good but every other run it would chirp the tires and I would get some slight wheel hop on the launch. I might get some drag radials down the road to improve my short time, I think I can get some Hoosier DOT Quick times for $300 never used from a buddy of mine, I would just have to find some 15' rims to mount them on.

Re: new best in my '86

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did the TB and HO upper help ???

cuz I have the SO also w/ headers and exhaust...

Re: new best in my '86

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I think the gears made a bigger impact, but the TB and upper plenuim probably did help.

Re: new best in my '86

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The 2.11 ain't a bad 60ft for the SO engine, traction can't be hurting you much. Stick a 2400 stall in it, then you'll need the tires...

Bout time to think about a HO cam/EEC/injector swap... With the converter and tires you'll be in the upper/mid 14s@93/94 mph... (never ending cycle HUH?).

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The HO tempting more and more......I plan to do that soon but when I replenish my funds that will be the next upgrade.

Went back on Friday to a differant track in the area, leraned a couple of things.

If I powerbrake at 1,000 to 1,500 rpms I can cut a .040 light, and even when you cut a .040 light one of the track regulars will cut a perfict light on you at beat you at the line by a .001 of a second, we both ran dead on our dial ins to the thousands. Now that what a drag race, even though I lost.

Re: new best in my '86

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Good going,
The times dont meen as much as the fun do.

I'm getting my car ready to hit the track.
I just put my Center lines on did one test pass on the bottle only to hear the motor cry for more fuel but on the motor its running just fine.