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FFW in Louisiana

Me and a group of freinds went to the first Fun Ford Weekend in Louisiana in over 10 years, I showed up on sunday to race the Street Ford bracket (which cost $50). I ran two 15.98s back to back in time trials, dailed my car at 15.90, and then waited about 4 hours for my bracket to get called up. I ran a '04 Mach 1 in round one, his dial in was a 14.01. I treed his as with a .224 to his .916 r/t. he couldn't catch me and he broke out with a 13.5. I ran a 16.1 goin full out :wtf: . I guess letting my car get cold made it go slower. Round Two paired me against a '05 F-250 w a 6.0 Deisel. He dialed in at a 15.63, me 15.99. I cut a .241 light to his .282 and he never caught up to me. I let off 60 ft before the finish line and still bet him by 2 tenths plus he broke out at a 16 flat. I ran a 16.1 letting off. Semi-Finals paired me against a '89 5.0L GT Hatchback, he was dialed in at 14.1, I cjanged my dial-in to a 15.95. He treed me at .136 to my .211 and bet me to the line a tenth. It was close race. My buddy went on to win in Street Ford with his F-150 and he got a pretty nice trophy too. This is the picture I picked up at the photo both at the track. I sucks that I lost but I walked away with a trophy and the exsperiance of racing at Fun Ford Weekend, I had a lot of fun, got to meet alot of really cool people and saw alot of really cool cars, there was even a '86 Pro stock T-Bird that ran Fast Ford. From what I hear they are coming back next year and I plan to enter it again. :D

BTW, sorry about the pic couldn't make it any bigger due to the size restriction.

Re: FFW in Louisiana

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Cool sounds like you had a bunch of fun....

I ran True Street with my Bird at the FFW in '01 & '03 at VMP, had a blast...IN '03 I was trying for the $100 pay for the closest to a 13.00(washiznittin' it with a small shot of nitrous). Had a 13.003 average on the first two runs(12.99 & 13.01), then spun the tires and went 13.23 for a 13.07 average.... Got beat by a 13.05...