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tuesday night results

weather was nice today, and i decided to take the tbird to get a few TnT runs in. im not a drag race guy, but i was itchin to really open the car up and $15 TnT is cheaper than a ticket....

considering i have not set foot on a drag strip since 10/04, and my car is setup more for autoX/road course driving than the dragstrip, i was pleased with the results

got to the the gates as they opened, and knocked down three runs in a row.

60ft - 2.11
e/t - 14.32
MPH - 95.5

60ft - 2.33 (big bog)
e/t - 14.57
MPH - 95.9

60ft - 2.24 (spin)
e/t - 14.54
MPH - 93.88

then i let the car cool off while they ran the junior dragsters....all the lines were starting to get longer

60ft - 2.17
e/t - 14.35
MPH - 97.19

i called it quits after that. car was runnin the same, and i wasnt gettin any better....lines were gettin too long for an impatient non-drag racer

the first two runs i used 4th, the last two i ran third    the limiter...but didnt hit it. i guess thats where the extra MPH came from on the last run.

first run was against a jelly bean GTO....he ran a 14.40 @ 101. i had him the whole way down, but he was pullin HARD at the end of the track.

the only vehicle i really have to compare this car to is my old turboranger. it ran this exact motor but had a T3 and 3.45's with a best of 14.6 @ 93. the tbird weighs 170lbs more, has an IHI and 3.27's....i dunno why its faster, but it is ;)

*i think* if i could drive my way out of a wet paper sack(read better 60fts), this car could break into the 13's as is. maybe after i swap turbos that will help; this lil IHI is droppin 2-3psi above 5K RPM.

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tuesday night results

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nice runs, Im hoping to break into the high 13's with mine next week.