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Manual Tranny

I need not want.
T-5 trans out of a 86 to 93 stang preferably (94-95 works but tail shaft is longer 3/4" and you have to upgrade to pmgr starter)

You can use Clutch& Brake pedals out of either mustang or t-bird tc

Gas pedal from a TC or manual mustang
(automatic bird has small gas pedal)

Adjustable cable and quadrant preferably, (as the stock setup has plastic teeth and may break)

Block plate (which goes in between trans and engine to keep out debris

Bell housing for 5.0 T-5, along with clutch fork

Clutch assembly

pilot bearing

You may need double hump crossmember
(depending on what your car has now)

The driveshaft should be the same as the aod & t-5 are the same length

You may need the computer from a manual 5.0 mustang depending on how your car reacts to the swap. ( mine had a surging problem)

The harness that goes to the aod is the same for the T-5
but you may wanna check the speedo gear.

Console from a TC for the shifter & armrest
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