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dodge has what i want

Looking under the hood of the pickups out there, the 360 v8 has a low profile muliport fuel injected engine.

the intake is shallow and the throttle body looks like a chevy tbi but without the injectors.

wish i could figure in that on my coug.  I really dont like the huge upper intake the ford 5.0 has for many reasons. Its just so bulky. 

Its a very clean setup and makes perfect sense to me.  Hows come us ford guys cant have something like that
???  and a V8??

dodge has what i want

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Chevy Vortecs are like that too (at least the late 90's ones were). You can get aftermarket 4-bbl intakes for Fords that have injector bungs in them...
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dodge has what i want

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Quote from: Thunder Chicken;169118
Chevy Vortecs are like that too (at least the late 90's ones were). You can get aftermarket 4-bbl intakes for Fords that have injector bungs in them...

all the big names make them... edelbrock, holley, weiand... i think professional products makes one too.
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dodge has what i want

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thats the kind of setup i want,, so now i gotta price it.

I just really dont like all the upper intake stuff.

Im now curious if my wieland can be setup with injector bungs then mount the dodge tb atop.

i want so badly to stay away from the upper / lower intake combo.

dodge has what i want

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The main reason the Ford setup is status quo is TORQUE... The long runner 5.0 intakes add 35-40 ft lbs vs a short runner design... The Pro 5.0 boys run a small box upper intake, or some of the ones already mentioned... When you launch at 6000+, low RPM torque isn't a consideration... On a street engine torque is king...

You COULD drill a std intake, but it's necessary to have bungs welded on, so the inj don't slip into the intake... Plus the injectors should be at the correct angle, so the fuel is sprayed at the intake valve... Now you need a fuel rail that fits your newly constructed intake... Possibly the the FR could be used as a jig to get the position of the injectors... To me, building something that's going to be far less efficient than a professionally designed piece(with hours and hours of R&D), is far too much trouble...

dodge has what i want

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dodge intakes are HUGE. they look like a short keg. i had to pull mine off to fix the bellypan gasket issue. there's a company that makes a billet aluminum plate to use instead of the factory thin sheet metal piece. plus, the factory t/b are 2-bbl.

you can modify your stock intake for injector bungs, but you'll need custom fuel rails, throttle body, fuel lines, etc.
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dodge has what i want

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Yeah I'm sorry Scott but take another look at that intake.. its Tall!
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dodge has what i want

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They definitely look like a ponykeg laying on it's side. Every time I open my hood, it makes me want to rip the darn thing off and put a 4bbl intake on in it's place. Of course with a thin adaptor to run the stock throttle body. 

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