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87/88 Tc Nose!

im looking for a 1987/88 turbocoupe nose.. if u have one let me know!!

2.5" Cat Back Exhaust, CenterForce Stage 2 Dual Friction Clutch, B&M Ripper Shifter, T3/T4 Turbonetics 63 A/R Turbo, Rods Stainless Tubular Ceramic Coated Header, Boost Controller @ 15Psi, Kirban AFPR, 42lb Injectors, 190LPH Walbro Fuel pump, Ranger Roller Cam, 3" Aluminum Intake Tubing, K&N Cone,  KYB Struts, Koni Red Horizontals/Verticals, Eibach Sportline Springs, Racer Walsh C/C Plates, Polyurethane Bushings, 17x9 Cobra R Wheels