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Mountain heads....

I've noticed there has been mention of using the Explorer intake parts. Are those the same (and I'm assuming they are) on the Mountaineer?

The reason I ask is that I was discussing mustang parts for my cat with one of the guys I work with. He and his father have done extensive work on the Mustang GTs. Anyway, I mentioned hitting the salvage yards looking for GTs for the HO heads, cam, intake, etc. He said to forget looking for mustangs for those parts. I need to find the '95 and up Mercury Mountaineer. Reason being, the heads, which have a 3 bar marking on the front, are the same casting and milling as the GT40 heads only in steel instead of aluminumn.

So this weekend I'm going to be calling around looking for Mountaineer parts. If the intakes are the same as the Explorer I can snuff several bird with one blast from the machine gun. :D

Mountain heads....

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Yes 96 and up gt-40 style intakes and 65mm TB. 96-97¼  heads were GT-40s pretty much exact heads that were on 93-95 Cobras minus the tubes in the back of them for the air pump(but if your not running a air pump your alright). 97¼ and up had the GT-40P heads same as found on 95 Cobra-R’s. A really good head but not very header friendly.