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At The Track / Ubly dragway, Ubly Michigan sat.25th
Well it actually runs a 12.30 with 328rwhp and NOS helps it get in the 10s. :D

 I want to put new pistons in it over winter anyway! But Im sure it will be fine. :confused: I think.
At The Track / Ubly dragway, Ubly Michigan sat.25th
If the weather is good I plan on going to the ubly dragway (ubly, MI) this saturday.    Ive made a few small changes to the car and the weather has cooled off so I want to see if I can get a better time out of my 200 shot of NOS, I might even do a test with the 300 pills, Im not sure yet, 300hp could be pushing the power limit on my pistons but its the end of the year so if it breaks I guess it will be overhauled over winter to handle even more!

  Just a heads up in case someone wants to go
Body/Appearance/Interior / Custom Digital Dash
I wouldnt post pics and keep it a secret! Its actually a summit racing brand dash panel, It doesnt come with a boost gauge, just the one I got and one with a tach. it has LEDs for turn signals and a high beam indicator.

 It reads fuel level in % and would work with our stock sending unit but I have a fuel cell and a 70-10 ohm sending unit and all u need to do is flip a switch to change the ohm reading for the gauge,,, That was a big seller for me since before my fuel gauge read backwards! It also seems to be working ok with the factory speedo but it cuts off @ 99 and its suposed to go to 300mph, it came with a new sender for it but I dont know if Ill use it yet. The only other thing I needed was a 90* fitting so the oil psi sender would fit because the factory sender read to high and the one it came with was bigger.

 I didnt take pictures as I was doing it so Ill try to explain the best I can. 
  So all I did was gut the gauges and cut a small hole in the back for the wires to go thru then I painted it black inside to make sure no white would show thru.      I used the stock gauge face and cut the plastic out between where the factory gauges were to fit in the new single panel,, I got a piece of plexi glass and used the factory gauge face as a template, I used a hot razor to cut the plexi glass to fit tight inside the gauge face and drilled holes in the top for the 3 bolts.  Once I had it fit the way I wanted it I marked and drilled 4 bolt holes and a hole for the trip button for the new gauges using the tinted glass they came with.  Now what I did was bolt the tinted face the new gauges came with in position on the back side of the plexi glass(taped off) and painted the back of the plexi glass black,, so it would have the shape of the new gauges left clear,,, after that dried I put the tinted gauge face over the plexi glass and the new gauges under the plexi glass and bolted them together. 
  I was also thinking about tinting the plexi glass instead of painting it so I wouldnt need to use the face the new gauges came with wich would have made it one smooth surface,, it would have also allowed me to use the factory plastic cover for a real factory look... but I wanted to make sure you couldnt see anything thru it and my clear plastic cover from my gauges didnt look very clear compaired to the new shiny plexi glass. The shine plays tricks on the eyes and it actually looks like it has a cover on it. so Im really happy with it.   
 Oh and the textured part at the bottom of the gauges is where all the factory buttons used to be,, Thats just traction tape wich I also used on the metal rivited to where the radio and heater used to be,,, Ties it in nicely I think...:D
Body/Appearance/Interior / racing seats?
Quote from: Chuck W;333741
Those are "racing" seats in name only.

Almost anything you get is going to require you to come up with some sort of adapter or such.  However, if they are made to attach to 79-04 Mustang seat tracks, they will attach to your seat tracks as well. (Notice I said to the tracks...not to the floor).

Those seats you linked looked like garbage IMO.

 Actually I believe they say SPORT seat. Real race seats shouldnt be used unless you NEED them.  what do you want for that price???
Body/Appearance/Interior / Custom Digital Dash
I wanted to keep my car clean and stock looking so I had all my factory gauges hooked up and working but the tach couldnt keep up and the oil pressure and temp gauges just show bars,,not good for racing!
  I finally found a digital gauge panel that works perfect for me, all my gauges for $250!  They have the same one with a tach but it was too long to fit in the factory gauge space and I needed one with a shift light anyways. 
  It also has 0-60 and 1/4 et, I havent gotten a chance to play with that yet but its a neat added feature! Check it out!
At The Track / Broke into the 10s today!!
I finally got this video to download, I hate dial-up.  I just think this is a good mercury race!

and a picture from the track photographer from june.
At The Track / Broke into the 10s today!!
Quote from: Bob;330151
Whats your suspension setup and tires for the track.  1.625 60 foot seems very good for the cougar is that your best 60 footer?

 I have hoosier dot drags 27 10.50s, adjustable shocks and struts,  drag springs up front, stock rear springs with drag bags.....yea,, that was the best 60ft,,Ill probly go to a better track next time. Around here the saying is if you can hook up at lapeer you can hook up on the street!:hick:  um,,not that I do that...

200 hit is pretty big, I hope it holds up for you.

 My weakest part would be my pistons they are rated to 700hp,, I figure if my motor is 400hp Ill be able to run my full 300hp nitrous with them.  The best part is I dont have to run my car on the street with race gas to do it,, I run premium in my car and I got the new NX stand alone fuel system I run C16 in. The best $$$ ever spent. It costs alot right now but I dont have to drive my car on race gas everywhere so it will save me so much in the long run!!   
 So far on the 100shot I dont need any timing retard and on the 200shot ,,Im still testing,, but Im down to 2* retard and Ill probly be able to go down to 1*!

 I didnt get the 10.80 pass on camera but I got a 10.90 pass on video, didnt even pull a wheel, Ill  post a video.
At The Track / Broke into the 10s today!!
Just got back from the track, we have alot of work left to do on the car but we still managed to get a 10.89 1/4 mile out of it today!
  Got one pass in with my 100hp jets before it started to rain and ran a 11.36 1/4 mile with one of the worst 60fts ever of 1.77.    After that it rained out for 2 hours and  I lost interest in the 100hp jets and uped it to the 200hp jets,,,the first few passes were barly better than my 100hp numbers so it started out dissapointing....after some tinkering with the suspention/timing and a bunch of tools for weight in the trunk we finally got the 10.89 @126mph with a 1.62 60ft! 

 I have a progressive nitrous controller but I wasent getting the numbers that I wanted so we just hit it with the 200hp right out of the hole and I got a better 60ft spinning the tires than tring to ramp it theres alot of suspention work still to do, and the trans short shifts 3rd so I have some room for improvement without adding more power,,, I was hopeing for a 10.40-50 but breaking into the 10s was pretty exciting!!:D  Ill probly stick to the 200hp jets for the rest of this season and try for that 10.40 pass,,,,$$$$More parts to order!!$$$$
At The Track / cougars first trip to the track!
I have to tow the car to the track, the closest track to me is an hour away. Its set to shift @ 6000 but it shifts into 3rd around 3000, what I really need to do is manualy shift,, I need a manual valve body,  I dont have time to shuffle.  I have all the stock gauges in the car still cuz I wanted to keep it clean but the digital tack just tops out and flashes off.
  My trans has a truck gear ratio(before it would tack out 3rd gear before the 1/4 mile), 4r70w internals, B&Ms best rebuild kit, and a non locking converter.
At The Track / cougars first trip to the track!
lol! I tow with a 14.0 truck!:D  It still ran a 12.4 1/4 mile @ 108mph. Without nos 3rd gear on the AOD drops off bad. Man it feels like a terd after running 11s:mad:. I still have a 3.73 gear, Im thinking about putting in a 4.10
At The Track / cougars first trip to the track!
Went to the track yesterday, unfortunatly, I had no NOS so it was all motor passes, dissapointing. BUT,,,on motor I got a 1.713 60ft wich beats my best NOS 60ft from last week a 1.723 a very small victory..

 Oh well, tomorrow is the first day of summer so I have plenty of time  to beat up on my car. Ill post video when its worth the time to upload!
At The Track / cougars first trip to the track!
I put the tire pressure @ 13 cold it goes up to 15 hot,, that seems to be working. I did a NOS pass on the street and left some black marks then went back to measure the tread and it was over 9"(full tread). Before it was loosing traction so bad it didnt even leave any black marks.

You need to upload a video on the computer and then put the link in the thread so we all can see it

 I have dial up I cant watch any video:hick:  It didnt pull a wheel or anything just spanked a orange mustang. I can try tho..
At The Track / cougars first trip to the track!
definatly excited to go again. I played the video back about 100 times,,,the rear of the car bounces, I had brand new tires on the car and you could still see nipple marks on the edges, the contact patch was only like 6.5". So Im thinking the car has a better run in it.

 My stand alone fuel system will be here in a week, then I just have to fit it up and order a fuel line the right length for it. I might get that 300 shot to it by july...