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User Rides / Re: 1985 Turbo Coupe. Bird is the word.
Maybe it's because the front end is fresh on the car...but god  is the steering light the lightened front end probably helps a bit.

I FINALLY replaced the wastegate actuator on my car so NOW I have boost control again!  OF course I take the mofookie to breakfast this morning and the starter quit working. I just popped the clutch and off I went! Going to upgrade to a gear reduction now.

I managed to get my hands on an 8.8 TC rear end so that will be going into the car once I swap gears and 5 lug it.   During the time I 5 lug it, ill be swapping to cobra brakes I believe. If money looks good im hoping to finish that up before the summer comes back.
User Rides / Re: 1985 Turbo Coupe. Bird is the word.
I have an 88, so my results will be a bit different, but I'm using Maximum Motorsports control arms in the rear. Even with height adjusters all the way down, they will raise the car an inch or so. When I first put the BMR rear springs on, I had the adjusters all the way down and the rear was slammed. Tires tucking. It took a good bit of adjusting to get the height where I wanted it.

How do you like the BMR control arms so far? I already have Granatelli garbage on mine, but when it's time to go with a tall ball joint, I was looking to go with BMR's adjustables with the tall ball joint. I have some BMR products on my Trans Am, but I get paranoid about the control arms.
I don't have a complete opinion on the arms yet, I am going to get the car aligned and put some miles on it and go from there!
I did end up putting the rear springs on the car and it doesn't sit too low in the rear, Looks decent!

User Rides / Re: 1985 Turbo Coupe. Bird is the word.
The car is back on the ground! And of course the battery is completely flat  :giggle:

So new steering rack, tierods, bmr suspension control arms with bushings and ball joints, h&r lowering springs not running them on the rear because I've heard the birds like to sag in the rear... however I should put them on to see how bad it really is and if needed I'll get the adjustable rlca.

Gonna drive it around and hopefully get to serpentine belt swapping it so I can have AC.

Lounge / Re: Welcome To The New Board!
I didn't even know vbulletin was going away! Shows how up to date I am. I like this board a lot better like this though!
User Rides / Re: 1985 Turbo Coupe. Bird is the word.
Quick update.... I FINALLY received my tubular control arms from BMR...been out of stock forever. Now I can continue on with the front end rebuild.

I've been thinking how low the car is going to sit on those H&R springs. Guess ill put them on all 4 corners and if I need adjustable RLCA Ill go ahead and get some. I miss driving this car!
User Rides / 1985 Turbo Coupe. Bird is the word.
Quote from: Chuck W;468869
Good score.

At this point, it may be worth hunting down some 11" front brakes/spindles from an 87-93 Mustang or 87-88 TC.

Less hassle than machining down the spindles, and you get some larger brakes.

I believe what I am going to do...rather what I am going to do is get sn95 spindles as ill be swapping to 5 lug on this car soon. Currently on the lookout for an sn95 axle too
User Rides / 1985 Turbo Coupe. Bird is the word.
Managed to score suspension off an sn95 Bilsteins and h&r race springs.
Gonna have to "clearance" the spindles to fit the new struts.

I'm going to at least mount the Chuck w adapters and I'll need to order the adjustable LCA so I can run the Stang rear springs.
User Rides / 1985 Turbo Coupe. Bird is the word.
What's to come next :burnout:

Also I have acquired the accessory brackets so I can serpentine belt swap the car and run the later compressor from a 91-93 mustang 2.3 and while I am in there ill throw a 3g alt in the car as well.
User Rides / 1985 Turbo Coupe. Bird is the word.
Quote from: Chuck W;468598
Nice-looking car. Welcome to the group.
Thanks, Also thank you for allowing your shock adapters to be free and open for others to use! I have a set coming now.

Quote from: BCA;468600
Agreed, looks pretty nice.
Congrats and welcome!

Quote from: bodyman;468597
Nice looking bird, 4 eyes are where it’s at. The bird is the word.

Thanks guys!!
User Rides / 1985 Turbo Coupe. Bird is the word.
I did this a few weeks ago...either way, after I got the car running I could smell something electrical burning....turns out the stock fan controller pooped out. Took out the old fan and threw it in the trash and I wired up the spare volvo fan I had sitting around.  Perhaps my scatter brain wire schematic will make some sense too.  When I get the A/C going ill add another relay to power on the High speed side of the fan.