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User Rides / Re: Work In Progress. '88 TC

Earlier this Summer I have been chasing a misfire only at RPM's under 2k.  You can find the story here:  Misfire 88 TC

While I was diagnosing the the misfire I put the adjustable FPR that I had rebuilt back on the car.  I will adjust the FPR again once the car is running with the wideband for reference.

A good friend of mine recently bought a new garage condo for his business.  Front and loft areas are for his business and garage is for his toys.  He had the floor epoxied and an used lift that he installed.  I have been painting sections of the lift as time allows and now the clear coat on the floor is lifting so the business that epoxied it is coming back.

In the mean time he invited me over with my car to replace the head gasket and we are installing the new turbo and fmic kit off my shelf from the past couple years waiting.  A lift, lights, and air conditioning.......I think I have died and gone to heaven.

I used an engine lift to remove and place the head on the car.  It worked awesome and my back isn't angry trying to place that 80 lbs of iron.

Gnari FMIC is going in with a bit of grinding here and there is needed for the brackets (extra weld on radiator support).  Happy with the kit so far.  Thursday some extra intercooler tubes should be here for some rerouting that I would prefer.  I will take some pictures when done hopefully this weekend.
Other Vehicles / Re: '16 F150
Old and New

With my E Rated wheels on it

Stuck in the mud!

Very happy with this truck so far.  It has way too many gadgets but I have been averaging 22 mpg mixed driving (60 highway / 40 backroads) consistently.  Miss the sound of the coyote motor but this thing is very quick for a pickup truck.
Engine Tech / Re: Misfire - '88 TC
That sucks, especially since your spark plugs dont indicate a blown headgasket couldve been the issue.

It's actually pretty common. These things will blow the gasket between cylinders rather than between the cylinder and cooling jacket. The plus might just show rich, which will make you think it's an ignition problem.

Luckily, the 2.3L is pretty easy to yank the head off of. It's just heavy.
It actually showed lean!  I guess the wide band O2 sensor doesn't read raw fuel as rich.  It surprised me on the readings.

I used an engine hoist to lift and put the head back on!!!!  LOL
Engine Tech / Re: Misfire - '88 TC
Pulled the head off and the gasket popped between cylinder 2 & 3.

Head is back on and need to button up a few other items.
User Rides / Re: Back in a fox. 1988 Turbo Coupe. The life journal.
I am sad to hear the T/A had to go.  I always a fan of that generation body although getting the motor in and out was a PIA without a lift.

I really like that sim racing setup.  I don't play much of any video games because I just don't have any extra time of late.  You have quite the collection along with the RC cars. 

Going to the 5.0 T5 transmission,  what rear gear do you think will work well with the 2.3 and that setup? 

What does the SN95 steering components have over the original TC equipment?  Won't that steering rack have a wider ratio than the TC & Cobra racks?

What is the plan for a booster once the TEVES is gone?

Looking forward to following along again!
Engine Tech / Re: Misfire - '88 TC
I got the dizzy put back together over the 4th.......and it still misses.
Used the timing light to see if each cylinder was getting spark and it flashed for each.
Ran a compression test on the first three cylinders and got 100, 50, 50 and stopped.  how can this even start with that low of pressures so I went to AutoZone to "rent" a compression tester.  Same readings to confirm my tester.  Original test were 140-150 so something is definitely up. 

Waiting for my friend's garage floor to be fixed and pull the head over there.  A/C garage sounds too good to pass up.

Engine Tech / Re: Misfire - '88 TC
Finally found some free time to install the PIP.  Standard LX222 PIP fits and looks almost identical.

The idiot reinstalling the distributor gear though (me) not so good.  Minor chip on 2 teeth while driving it back on.  Don't ask.....I know better.

Where can I get this sintered gear?  Everything I see online looks questionable and made of steel.

Engine Tech / Re: Misfire - '88 TC
Look down at the aux gear as well, just to verify.

Mine would drop cyl #3 at idle, but then come back when engine speed came up.
Thanks for the heads up.

Just checked the motor side and it looks better than the distributor gear.

Tomorrow a new pip is supposed to arrive from Summit.  Had trouble finding one even listed at the local parts stores.
General Computer Forum / Re: Long Term File Hosting Recommendations
I have very limited experience with these types of hosting so please take this with a grain of salt.

If the files are not that big, I would probably put them in my Google Drive file although since sharing with strangers would maybe make another email address sub of my primary account.  My wife recently did something similar for a family calendar.  then I would just share with a link to that file on Drive.

Engine Tech / Misfire - '88 TC
My car began misfiring at idle and lower RPM's.  Revved up and in the boost it appeared as if the miss would disappear.

I started with changing the spark plugs (gap .028 to .03), new wires, cap & rotor.  Ran better, but misfire was still present.  Borrowed a smoke machine to check for vacuum leaks and nothing present.

Ran Codes:
10 System Check
11 Pass Code
14 Ignition Profile Pickup Circuit Failure (PIP)
41 O2 code for out of range or low voltage (makes sense with misfire)

I was under the impression if the PIP has a problem, starting the car becomes difficult or impossible?

Could this be simply the PIP going bad?

Side note, a week before this happened my daughter turned 16 y.o. and I was giving lessons with the 'Bird since she claims it is her's when I sell.  She needs some more lessons and how to control the gas pedal without hitting the redline.  Kinda wish i put the MSD in with the rpm limit.