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User Rides / Re: My GTbird build
Well just to update this thread since it’s been a while .....

The car worked great the remainder of that season and ended up running a best ET of 11.82 and best mph was 119.  Pretty good for a daily driven street car I think. So logically the next step it apart! Lol

I ended up selling the complete motor, harness and ecm to a buddy and I picked up a 2013 f150 5.0 coyote to swap in the car. I been side tracked working on a bunch of off road trucks the last two years but this spring the tbird comes out of storage and I’ll begin its resurrection.

I also been dospoogeenting everything on my YouTube channel called Randum Adventures if you want to follow along.
Body/Appearance/Interior / deck lid wouldnt stay open
Had a strange one this week.  Got my 83 out of winter storage from my buddies barn last weekend and when I was putting the car cover away in the trunk the dam deck lid wouldn't stay open.

Ever since Ive owned the car I could hit the trunk button and it would pop open on its own and stayed open. After car sat from Oct to March untouched it wouldn't. I actually had to move one of the torsion rods up a notch to get it to stay open again.

Anyone else ever run into this? Just seemed strange
Engine Tech / Long tube headers and a 5 speed.....question
Quote from: Aerocoupe;463408

I hate to say it but you are getting to the point that you need a chip and some dyno time.  You might just be surprised at the gains.

I wouldnt even waste the money on that.  Time to step up to current technology and just go stand alone!  My EFI Source plug nplay Microsquirt was the best $450 I spent on my car. I have talked 4 other friends into converting and helped them with the setup and tuning and they all love it.
At The Track / Finally got my 11 sec pass!
Took my car to track one last time for this season tryin to finally meet my goals for this year. 

Multiple races this year I got the car into the 12.0hs at 115-116 in full True Street trim. That was one goal I had for the year to set the car up to be competitive in NMRA/NMCA True Street 12.00 class. My own driving skills and blower belt issues are the only things that kept me out of the money but still happy to be competing.

I still drive the car to work almost everyday which is 100 miles round trip and I love the  out of it!

But I really wanted that 11 sec pass! So I loaded up and headed to Milan Dragway for one last try.

My biggest thing holding me back this year has been very high intake temps from blower and my Microsquirt pulling timing out starting at 180* temps. I was seeing 200+ degree temps on every pass. So I turned off the MAT Timing Correction and put a bottle of octane booster in fuel. First pass off the trailer I went 11.97 at 114mph!

I made some tire pressure and shock adjustments along with pulling some fuel out since it was runnin rich in the 10.7-11.1 afr range.    I ended up meeting my goals pretty solid!

Best ET of the day was a 11.82 and best MPH was 118.8!

Engine Swapping / What trans behind a 5.8L swap?
My car makes a little over 400hp to the wheels from its supercharged 5.0 and I started off with a fresh built 3.35 T5. I race the car with 26x10.5 MT ET Street R bias tires and gotten a best 60ft of 1.61 running 12.00s at 116+

I blew that trans up after 4500 miles.  I bought the G-Force Street T5 with the 2.94 box and with a .59 overdrive.
This thing is a beast. A little louder than a stock T5 but I was able to step up to 3.90 rear gears so the car pulls like a monster in 3rd & 4th gears. Its rated to 600hp/500ftlbs and cruises 80mph at 2200.  I have $2600 invested into the trans and the new clutch disc to complete the swap.  I really couldnt find a better option at that price level and without changing 50 other parts on the car.
User Rides / 88 TC aka Bad Decisions
I bought a TC parts car years ago that was rusted so bad in that spot the hood was only thing holding the car up! I popped the hood and the strut pushed the hood up and broke the safety catch on the hood and the whole car dropped 4"! And I drove it 5miles to my house. lol
Engine Tech / Advancing base timing on '87 stock 5.0
Get a Timing light and do it quick since you have already messed with it. That detonation you heard and possibly the detonation you cant hear right now is murder on rod bearings.
Body/Appearance/Interior / Hood Swap from plane Jane to TC w/scoops
Im not sure how you would hook the scoops up to the snorkels on the air cleaner base but you could make a pan that sits in place of the factory air cleaner that seals to bottom of hood with foam. It would be pretty big to catch the hood scoops but would work.
User Rides / My GTbird build
Well another race weekend in the books! 

To back up to last Thursday I really didnt like the 373 gear with the G-Force t5. First gear was still to tall and 5th was useless around town. It cruised 2200 rpm at 80mph and 45mph was 1000! I ened up putting a 3.90 gear in on thursday and it felt much better.

Sooo, Norwalk Ohio NMCA True Street on Sat morn.......Somehow by 10am they were running 4hrs behind schedule. TS was to get a time trial at 10am but we didnt get our first run until 2pm. Made for a very aggravating day because I felt like I had to hang around my pit area in fear Id miss our call if I wandered off to other parts of the track and didnt make it to staging in time.
 When they called us up at 2 I grabbed my laptop and got in the lanes. I turned on datalogging and made my first pass. Did my normal 3000 rpm launch and the car dead hooked and fell on its face. After it recovered it felt lazy and I knew the run was slow. It ran a 1.82 12.82@108. After I checked the log it clearly showed blower belt slipping again. It peaked at 7psi at top of first gear then after that never went above 5.2psi rest of the run. Quick check under hood showed the belt was very loose from stretch and from my Carbinite coated pulley chewing up the belt. With no extra belt on me and no time to go buy a new one I just tightened the hell out of it and got in line for the TS cruise.

 We did the 30 mile cruise without issue and got in line for first pass. Didnt know what to except on my first run so I left at 2500 slipping the clutch just a bit and it ran a 1.70 12.14@116    BAM, new best mph!

 Second pass the guy i was racing screwed up my routine by taking like a full minute just to go from pre-stage to full staged. I was holding car at 3000rpm for what felt like forever when I let off the gas to look over to see wtf he was waiting for when he finally bumped in and tree came down before I collected myself again and I ended up dumping the clutch at like 2000rpm and car bogged and almost stalled out. Run was only a 12.50@113. Right there killed my shot at winning the 12.00 class.

 Final run was after waiting an hour for an oil down so car cooled off pretty good. I left at 3000 nice and easy and pulled a 1.61 12.07@115.3    Not the 11 I wanted but still a new best ET. I think my 5800 shifting is what held it back this time.

I stayed for Sunday bracket race to see if I could squeeze that 11 out of it but it wasnt meant to be. Since you cant have laptops in the vehicle during TS i wasnt able to get any data from the previous 3 runs so I plugged in for my first run Sunday. I tried a 3500 launch and it dead hooked and fell on its face! Rest of the run felt down on power and it only ran a 12.62@112. Looking at the log it showed belt slip again with only 4psi in first 3 gears and it peaked at 8psi for a split sec in 4th before dropping again. I checked the belt and its chewed up good now so I called it a day and packed up.

Im going to add some Strange 10 way adjustables in place of my KYB's and hook up my Launch Control in the Microsquirt to fine tune my launch technique. I still havent tried using my Snow meth kit again yet so I have that to play with as well. I have two more track days coming up on the 14th and the 30th
User Rides / Made a walk around vid
Quote from: ZachReynolds;462370
I really like how this one came together.  I'm trying to figure out wheels for mine, I'm digging the 17s.  I originally thought go 15s but you may have changed my mind.
My only issue is Id stay with a 8" width up front. A 9" wheel puts the rim barely outside the fender lip. With a 245/45-17 on a 9" rim it stretches the tire out just enough to clear. Not crazy about the look but it was my best solution