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T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / 1987 Cougar XR7 for Sale
Seeing if there is any interest in this rust free 87 Cougar XR7 with 5.0 and AOD automatic trans. It has 98,000 miles on it. There is absolutely no rust in it. Appears to have always been garage kept except for the last 5 years. The interior is in great condition. The drivers seat has the typical wear through on the piping trim, but otherwise all the seat are great. A/C blows cold. Power drivers seat does not work. Probably a switch issue. I have one to fix it. Engine runs good. I drove it about 30 miles to get it home without issue. The overdrive is going out on the transmission, so that means a rebuild will be necessary at some point. All other gears are fine. I drove it home in Drive. There is a dent in the passenger door that could likely be pushed out from the inside. I will try that if I get time in the next few days. There is also a small dent in the left rear fender surround. I have tried to show these in the photos. There has been a repaint on the front of the car. The color is just a little off, but otherwise there is no clearcoat peeling anywhere and the paint is still shiney. There are typical little ding marks here and there on the doors and hood, and I saw one on the top. They are so small it's hard to get them in the photos. I would like to get $2500 for it. It's a great platform to start with since there is no rust. I have the window sticker and a copy of the Certificate of Origin. Lots more pics available upon request.  The car is located in Northern Virginia. Here is a link to pics on facebook. 
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Re: WTB TC performance and blue interior parts (Middletown, DE)
I have some T3's that were removed from 84-86 Mustang SVO motors. Not sure of condition because I was unable to start them before removing from the cars due to the amount of time they had been sitting.  I would just assume they need to be rebuilt, as I would with any used turbo. I have some of the blue and raven grey door panels from 87-88 Turbo Coupes. Some are just bare panels, but I have some of the other pieces depending on which colors and pieces you need.
I am located in Northern Virginia  about 30 minutes west of D.C.