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Lounge / Re: Winter Projects?
I looked but couldn't find 'em. Fairly sure I had some out there. Doubt they'd get swiped when there's much more valuable wheels and other stuff LOL.

I have some stuff at the other is possible they're there.

Regards to your question...I don't know until I see em. I CAn tell you though, they're the real deal from way back in the day, not the new ones made now by LMR or whatnot.

I'll do a little digging around this weekend, see if I can come up with something for ya.

I DO have a really nice set of ten holes with tires that I have no need for...
Lounge / Re: seeds
When the day comes that big mushrooms spout up all over densely populated areas and mil. bases, your idea(s) will have great weight and few adherents.

Thank all that's holy that there are means to survive should the supply chain of food dry up.

While I don't really believe such a time will happen, it COULD, and so...

And, if it doesn't....well, I won't ever regret the fun I had, with firearms, knives, and the time spent outdoors.

Look sharp, sleep lightly, and trust rarely.

I rarely wax political these days, but....boys, shiznit can turn a lot worse without any warning.
Stay safe.
Lounge / Re: Winter Projects?
As for a winter project...gonna try to either throw some parts at my 98 Exploder, or else find a solid 2.0 bottom end for my Focus, or a wrecked runner with the Zetec and do a driveline conversion. Car has the Split port AKA valve seat dropper.

Rest of the car is really nice and has new struts, brakes, tires, and bearings. All done by me, then the fothermucker decided that the valve seat and the #2 piston should get real close and personal.

No longer have the 06 Explorer, the Expedition, or much of my sanity.

If I could find the right deal for a Tbird or Cougar, I'd get one to stash away for the day that I can put some money and work into one to enjoy.

Just about as broke as can be right now. Is what it is....there's light at the end of the tunnel.
Lounge / Re: Winter Projects?
Was hoping to find a set of TRX wheels and tires for my car for next summer, slim pickings out there.
 I may have a set or two out in storage. Got a move coming up soon, so a lot of little stuff has to go....not dragging it with me.

Have a lot of wheels, surely I have at least one or two sets of TRX. Give me a few days, maybe next weekend at the most, I'll see what I have and if it is all there, I'll send you some pics.

Honestly at this point, I'd just like to send this stuff to folks who will need it, so shipping plus a few coins in my pocket are good enough...not looking to get rich, just don't want to toss it all in some dumpster.

Stay tuned...I will get back with you :smile:
Suspension/Steering / Re: What front coil springs are best for '88 Tbird, or full set?
Yeah, SN95 springs are ideal for these cars. I had some from a 97 GT on my Sport. Brought it down a little over an inch or close to it. For me, I didn't want much lower than that...didnt want to mess with bumpsteer kits and such.

Mine was too stiff in the rear, but that was more to due with poly bushings rather than how it was sprung.

The rear susp was pretty solid...didn't articulate much, rode rough as hell and on loose surfaces, would not stay straight with ANY throttle input, again, poly bushings at every point in the rear. And I'd even been told it would do that. Never
Other Vehicles / Re: Oops, I did it again. I bought a new car. (1986 Ford LTD wagon)

That thing would very sweet, I think, with an SN95 rear (to fill out the wells a tad more) and some Mustang Tri Bars.

In short, it's awesome. Good score.

And to those who say "it's a wagon, just what in the blue hell is wrong with ya?!"'s a wagon thing. You are either in, or you are out.

, I want one. :roxor:
User Rides / Re: 84 Tbird project
Lookin' good. Little too high for me, but it's your car..roads here are  too, my Tbird was always sing stuff, the little I drove it around...

Didn't know if you had ever done the control arm bushings (front and/or rear)....but if you do, make sure the suspension is in a compressed state, as though the weight of the car was on the wheels when torquing the bolts. Not doing that will increase ride height and give ya some wonky-ass handling to boot.

Engine Tech / Re: Question about switching to a Mustang GT cam
Just a question...did you by chance ever replace the IAC or TPS?

If one of those are faulty, you'll have idle issues. I had a TPS out of range on a 94 truck and while it affected idle and throttle response, there wasn't a code.

Also, disco the battery cable for a few and let it sit, maybe tap the brake pedal and cycle the ignition off/on 4 or 5 times.

Start from clean slate, as it were, in regards to stored codes, etc.

Maybe it'll clean up, and run right..
Engine Tech / Re: Question about switching to a Mustang GT cam
Don't go back to that shop. They don't know what the F they're talking about.

The injector pulses are controlled by the EEC. The firing order is controlled by the cam, via the distributor.

The EEC is easy enough to get out. I'm not following how the blower motor is seeming to be in the way...?

I guess the easiest, Beau-podunk way to explain is like this LOL: sit in the passenger seat. The little triangular panel to the right of your right take that out. The EEC is behind it. 2 smallish bolts and a little wiggle and she's free. Sticl the DA1 or A9L in there (assuming you've went ahead with the Mass Air) and installation is the reverse. Except you won't have to sit in the pass. seat again

Blower motor shouldn't be anywhere in the way at all I think..? Been some time since I was into a Tbird but I think a Fox Stang is identical in layout...