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At The Track / Ubly dragway, Ubly Michigan sat.25th
If the weather is good I plan on going to the ubly dragway (ubly, MI) this saturday.    Ive made a few small changes to the car and the weather has cooled off so I want to see if I can get a better time out of my 200 shot of NOS, I might even do a test with the 300 pills, Im not sure yet, 300hp could be pushing the power limit on my pistons but its the end of the year so if it breaks I guess it will be overhauled over winter to handle even more!

  Just a heads up in case someone wants to go
Body/Appearance/Interior / Custom Digital Dash
I wanted to keep my car clean and stock looking so I had all my factory gauges hooked up and working but the tach couldnt keep up and the oil pressure and temp gauges just show bars,,not good for racing!
  I finally found a digital gauge panel that works perfect for me, all my gauges for $250!  They have the same one with a tach but it was too long to fit in the factory gauge space and I needed one with a shift light anyways. 
  It also has 0-60 and 1/4 et, I havent gotten a chance to play with that yet but its a neat added feature! Check it out!
At The Track / Broke into the 10s today!!
Just got back from the track, we have alot of work left to do on the car but we still managed to get a 10.89 1/4 mile out of it today!
  Got one pass in with my 100hp jets before it started to rain and ran a 11.36 1/4 mile with one of the worst 60fts ever of 1.77.    After that it rained out for 2 hours and  I lost interest in the 100hp jets and uped it to the 200hp jets,,,the first few passes were barly better than my 100hp numbers so it started out dissapointing....after some tinkering with the suspention/timing and a bunch of tools for weight in the trunk we finally got the 10.89 @126mph with a 1.62 60ft! 

 I have a progressive nitrous controller but I wasent getting the numbers that I wanted so we just hit it with the 200hp right out of the hole and I got a better 60ft spinning the tires than tring to ramp it theres alot of suspention work still to do, and the trans short shifts 3rd so I have some room for improvement without adding more power,,, I was hopeing for a 10.40-50 but breaking into the 10s was pretty exciting!!:D  Ill probly stick to the 200hp jets for the rest of this season and try for that 10.40 pass,,,,$$$$More parts to order!!$$$$
At The Track / cougars first trip to the track!
finally got the car to the track yesterday!  It wasnt legal to run faster than 12.50 so they made us run 1/8 mile.      It was 84 outside and started raining shortly after we got to the track, but it dried up enough for us to get a few runs in. The track wasnt hooking very well and our rear springs are to tall/stiff so the car was unloading, just couldnt get a good launch.
  So we ran 1/8 mile passes, our best 60ft of the day was 1.72 and should be alot better.  our best 1/8 mile of the day was 7.440 and letting the car coast thru the 1/4 mile it ran a 12.208@84mph they didnt say anything so for our last pass of the day we decide to go the full 1/4 mile and ran a 11.44@121mph. We were pretty happy with it considering the weather and track conditions. I think with new rear springs and a dry track it could be alot better!

 its a 347 with a Ford Racing BOSS block and we were spraying a 100 shot. I have plans to run a stand alone fuel system for the NOS and eventually run it with a 300 shot.
Misc Tech / Anyone using a fuel cell that could tell me what fuel sender to use?
I have a 10 gallon fuel cell and without checking the resistance I ordered a fuel level sender that said it was for a mustang, I figured it would work but now when my tank is full my gauge reads empty and when its empty it reads full... Ive seen one with a rang from 0 empty to 90 full but Im not sure that will work ether because the stock sending unit is 13 empty 160 full.    Can anyone clear this up for me I dont want to waste more money buying the wrong one again.
User Rides / It been a long time! just saying Hi!
I havent posted in quite a long time, so Hi to the few people that remember me! I got destracted on my new project, but Im trying to get back to the cougar!
I dont think I ever posted a picture of my car so here it is.. I havent done a thing to it in almost 2 years, its been on the road a handfull of times and I still havent gotten it to the track mostly because it isnt tuned so it stalls to much to drive it.
Electrical Tech / digital oil pressure question
does anyone know what the oil pressure range is on the digital gauges? for the sender and increments on the gauge? I want to keep my stock gauge working, but I have way more oil pressure than stock. Id like to make it work so my gauge still reads in the normal pressure level or at least isnt all lit up so I could see if it drops. thanks
Misc Tech / sit'n a little sideways..
The cougar is a little crooked these days, It could be the springs but I want to check.
Okay, so I noticed the passengers side sits 1/2 inch or so lower than the drivers side..we put new springs in and seemed to help til we started the car up again and it went right back to sitting the way it was. My other half keeps saying that its the springs "breaking in" but I measured the wheel well and they are even. So, I measured the distance from the roll cage to the window, We only left like 1/8inch, and now I cant fit a piece of paper in there!  How can I tell for sure if it bent the unibody?
We have a 10 point roll cage and home made subframes, that we knew dont extend as far as they should. I also want to add that the car only sits on 3 jackstands, the drivers side front being the one up off the stand...if it is bent, is the only fix a body shop? Or should I leave it for caracter:hick:
Drivetrain Tech / how much does your AOD take?
I had my trans build with 4r70w parts redline cluches was said to hold up to 13 9 sec passes @ 750 hp without any wear. (built by a well known builder around here) 
my problem comes in this last friday, We were getting ready to go down town for our local cruise night, I FINALLY got my car running good, it was getting enough fuel and running strong, I put new suspention on it KYB adjustables all around, drag springs up front, air bags in the back...finally getting some traction, so we went on the longest test drive yet this 10 miles...put the pedal to the floor 1st..2nd...3rd jumped and hit the rev limiter:mad:  and that was it.  The trans held up last year but we never had any traction, no doubt its got more power this year too.. the car has never seen a track.. its always broken. And the trans probly has maybe 1000 miles of just driveing on it, we only had one serious race last year and we blew the trans pump.(and won by the way)

Well Ive been trying to do some research on the AODs but it just confuseing me more, MU says a stock AODs good to 450 hp...- FB performance says 250 hp..- and lentechs street cruser trans is only good for 300 hp...? I found one trany built like mine at that say its good to 750hp too. Thats quite a range! So anyone know a real number? What do you put your AOD through? How much can the output shaft handle? I havent had time to get the trans out to see what happend yet. The back of the dipstick has black swirls in it...that cant be good. What might have happend? I dont know a whole lot about transmissions, could it be a valve body problem? some people were suggesting the torque convertor..

Right now Im not sure what to do with my trany, I was thinking to get it fixed and put in a Lentech automatics valve body in it for $500, that SHOULD make it good to 800 hp...or just buy a Lentech trany good to 1000hp but Id need a non lockin torque convertor and that gets pricey. but if I keep having to fix mine then it might be worth it..
Not having 3rd gear didnt stop us form taking the car out for a little while... we went out long enough to pick a race with a camaro ss and WON! He was pretty suprised to here the car had no 3rd gear...:giggle: but saturday night it was killing us watching all of the midnight highway racing...

Help me please! Thanx!
Electrical Tech / memory wire?
I dont want my computer to learn! We took the cougar out for the firts time this year and it ran fine for the first 5 miles or so but then started leaning out to the point of misfireing.:mad:  I really need to get it on a dyno but dont have the money at the moment, so Im hoping for a temperary fix by disconnecting the memory wire, anyone know where it is?  I hope it will work or be in the same location...I have a mustang computer and a painless wiring harness.  I have chip also(for my old set up)..would removing the memory wire affect it working?  This year we went with TFS R-box intake, Accufab 90mmTB, 42lb injectors and I think its the lighting Mass Air Meter giving us the problems.  Today Im going to try putting the old sensor back on to see if that helps.  Thanx!
Engine Tech / kind of a step back (maybe)
Its not for my cougar! I have a 97 F150 w/4.6l and its been missfiring and dumping gas BAD! For the last 3mos its been undrivable we have fixed all of the "normal" stuff,,,spark plugs,wires,coil packs,fuel pump/filter,fuel injectors,TIMING,intake gasket,cam poss. sensor,water temp sensor,COMPUTER ect. and then some.. we always work on our own cars but this truck has me stumped we took it to a mechanic he did a compression check, vacspoogee ect he had it for 3 weeks then HE took it to the FORD dealer who had it for 2weeks they reburned the computer and fixed the recalls and gave it back to us no different than when we took it in!:bs: All they said was it runs rich at idle and leans its self out, they dont know why!
So here is where Im thinking about the step back..I saw a MSD controller for carburated 4.6/5.4 engines (#MSD6011) I was wondering if they sell a carb intake or if its still custom only. I have way to much $$$ in this truck trying to fix it to give up on it, this is my last resort!
Lounge / car update!
For thoes who might remember me still...

I havent been on here in a while, I just moved and finally bought a computer of my own!:hick:

I never had a chance to take the car to the track last year or to the dyno so I cant give you any numbers but I hope this year will be different! So far the cougar is stripped apart with nothing inside but a steering wheel and a fresh 10 point roll cage ready to go to paint! We'll be pulling the motor and trans hopfully this weekend and then I just have to find a paint shop I can trust!
AS for the motor changes, we are replacing the TF track heat intake and 75mm TB with an TF R-box intake and ACCUFAB 90mm TB and TFs nitros express kit! Thats all we have bought for it right now but we are still trying to decide on some other changes, there will be some strictly cosmetic pieces purchesed as well.
Last year we had to repair our AOD after the first race of the season , This year if the AOD acts up its gone. 

Well thats it for now, just wanted to say HI!:D
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / I might be getting an 87 TC
But I have a few questions first, It sounds like a well optioned T-bird (I havent seen it yet) but Ive never owned one so I want to know before I went ahead and gutted it. I know It has the keyless entry door pad, digital climate control & FULL power driver and passenger seats but the guy was just telling me what he could see so there could be more. Its rust free wich is what I was looking for cuz I just want it for the body and clean inside, The down sides to the car is that the header panel is chiped and cracked and it has a bad head...Id be getting the car for what I think is a bargan at $650  for a fust free car in Michigan!
I just want to make sure I wouldnt be hurting anyones feelings if I tore it apart to put my motor in. Its not a cougar like I wanted but it will work! :D
Lounge / Michigans rare cougars are all ready for the junk yard!
Ive been looking for a new cougar latley and Ive ran into some of the most rare cars Ive seen and they are all trash!! :mad:

Yesterday I went to look at 2 cougars that were being sold as a pair, the guy said over the phone that the 88 was "a beautiful car", well when I got there the 88 cougar was a designer series, the car was pretty loaded it had everything but a sunroof and leather seats! But it was completely junk, it was 3 different colors , the bottom of the car was MIA and it was sitting flat on the ground!
The other car was a 1986 SAGE GREEN cougar! Not a bad color actually. But of course it was junk too, The clear coat was comming off and it was rusting away... The guy wanted $1000 for both of thoes cars pluse an 86 t-bird (also trash) :disappoin  At least I got to see a sage cougar!?!

Today I went to look at an 88 cougar that I was told had "some surface rust"  the car was an LS with EVERY option on the inside, 302, leather,passenger seat controls, everything, but when I got there it didnt have doors from the molding down, the leather was trash and the floor pan had holes in it with weeds sticking out!!! $1200 bucks!
What do you people do to your cars!! :flame:
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / lookin to replace my 87 xr7
Ive decided that my car will cost too much to fix and paint so Im looking for a near mint condition '87 cougar XR7 to swap all my parts into.  It has to be an 87 xr7 preferably with grey interior, little to no rust, running or not that doesnt matter. I live in Michigan and Im not sure how far Ill travel yet but I was hoping to not have to go any farther than Ohio or Indiana. Maybe even picking one up at catjam would be nice! :grinno: