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Engine Tech / Update new entire fuel system still have issues
So new fuel tank, low pressure pump, high pressure pump and filter. Car runs awesome. Come to a light and every stop the car coughs shutters dies. Fires right back up. Idles good. No vacuum to the throttle kicker. Not sure if it's for the AC only? Only thing else I've done was run E3 spark plugs? Maybe that's a issue? Does have a rough idle back fires while reving. Doesn't like coasting either blah...blah....blah studders at 200 rpm battery light stalls. Fires up idles at 1000. I dunno too much plug not enough Coil?

Thinking next step is to replace the plugs
Exhaust / Any decent noises if I swap glass pack for factory ler?
Waiting on bits for my fuel system rebuild. Noticed my tail pipe is rotten. I have two schools of thought. I live in Pennsylvania in a county whose emission standards are as strict as California. In a college town who is funded directly by college children’s car window tint . Mirror reflectivity and exhaust decibel level

So I must keep my smog pump lines and hoses. I notice this exhaust disconnected at the cats , has more of a shshshshshshshsshhhhh compressed air sound ,than engine note. Taking that’s the smog pump.

So instead of illegally driving my car with expired inspections. Thinking Maybe go ultra quiet. “Pull the interior,  dyno mat everything and put a high quality sound system in. Soft springs for a ultra cruiser experience.

The other option is to listen to my inner 17 year old , wants to clothes hanger up a cherry bomb and a $22.00 tailpipe then install air shocks with 4” of rake and cross fingers.  But I’m sure that’s a horrible option.

Bought the car solely on sentimental reasons. Hard to nail down a objective. Part of me wants a crate motor monster. Which here is impossible unless you have a source for licks and sticks. But I’m starting to settle for vacation/beach/. Long haul cruiser. If it was my choice I’d unbolt those buckets and use them in my living room they’re so  comfy.  Stuck in a rut I guess builders block. I dunno thoughts on going “elegance vs performance “ ?
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / At what point would you guys buy a new fuel tank?
Found out my original motorcraft fuel filter was plugged solid. Literally weighs 8 lbs lol. Went 2 miles on filter #2.  Then 15 on #3. Same situation use up available fuel in the line then bogs and throws a fit until the pump catches up. So freeway 70mph 3 miles try’s to stall, ride the shoulder for a mile at 20 and it takes back off. Well today I dropped the tank. 65000 mile California car. Bolts everything look showroom new. Tank doesn’t have any exterior rust. So pulled the sending unit. Rusty inside. Put a handful of gravel in shook it up with dawn. Power washed the insides. Still got rust but cleaned up 50%......the low pressure pump looks like it hasn’t worked in years? The screen also was nasty. Is the low pressure pump vital for the car to run. Maybe that was the major issue. I ordered a new low pressure pump and screen. Thought I’d slap her together and call it done. No holes in tank but once that coating is gone I’d imagine the rust will be coming back. But if the car is a semi daily it shouldn’t build up as bad?
Engine Tech / no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating,
Totally hate my 83 cougar.  5.0 65000 miles California EEC 3 “ not using god  i’s”.   Did all the proper tune up . Plugs/wires/cap/rotor/fuel filter. About melted the starter and battery in rage. Will not start unless it’s 3/4 throttle hot/cold/Craig T Nelson poltergeist mode...... So today I had it sideways power sliding at 50 onto the expressway left a dent in the floor. Got it to blinking 85 and started over revving the trans. .? 105/115? Not one dam cough nor chug. Yet about  a hour beforehand on the same road would not achieve 40 bucking coughing full on Uncle buck!

What I need is some FREE checks. Where the hell is the grounds on this car? Locations no I dont have $36 bucks for a eBay chiltions book nor a scanner/multimeter/sun pro diagnostic center. I drive a 83 mercury. Asked summit for a Aod Holley. “Doesn’t exist but if you try your gunna smoke your transmission”  Mechanic wants to go one by one every sensor. About ready to get my 2nd gen ram and Have a derby. 5 times it’s left me stranded. Yet it gets towed home it fires right up. No clue. Where do I even start.
Misc Tech / Need help with AC
Have a 83 cougar LS. 5.0. Turn on the Air nothing. Jumped the low pressure switch pops fuse #6. Pulled wire for clutch. Still pops #6. Put it all back charged the system got to pressure pops #6. Talk to 4 garages all 4 refused to work on it. What I need to know if there is a relay. What’s its location? Where is this diode. This is a 65000 mile un touched car.

Electrical Tech / Need help tracking down a wire.
Have a 83’ LS 5.0 no air conditioning. Soon as I select Air the fuse pops.  Pulled the clutch wire, popped.  On the low pressure switch. There is 3 wires one black that goes to the clutch. The other black has a fuseable link. Took that as the hot side. Removed the link  jumped the switch , clutch engages but wire gets hot. Goes to another harness with 2 blacks. The one there gets hot is the one going back to the fire wall. Not sure where it goes or what it’s for. But it’s pushing 100 with hi humidity so it needs repaired.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Pondering of taking my 83 Cougar long trip.?
Well decided enough is enough. Need to get the hell out of Pittsburgh for a few days. My parents have a house on the water down in Hertford North Carolina. Roughly 9 1/2 hours 1200 mile round trip. Belts and hoses are just fine. 68750 actual mileage. Everyone got me freaked out. “Well in 1983 68000 miles was like 500000 miles” “Well you know patty’s sister-in-law’s tempo had head gaskets replaced” you know general BS. What are your guys feelings. My Dad feels the motor and transmission should be pulled and taken apart and full re gasket. “Just because it’s old”  or should I say the hell with worry and rent a car lol.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / 83 XR7......Why do I have a P92 in a LS trim?
XHave this really weird car. The car is marked LS. With a 5.0  which I thought XR was only turbo?Found it in harrisburg Pa with 65000 miles in MINT condition for $1000 bucks. Everything seems weird. Did a car Fax Pebble beach Ca was delivered. Stayed under 10000miles until 1992. In the trunk I found a Pen from the X. I thought all 83 California cars were the 3.8 due to lack of 5.0 used up in the Tbirds and mustangs.  Also thought there was no xr7 for 83. What is this car? Heard it may have been a Factory Demostrator or Promotional vehicle. I dunno also has a weird 1/4 vinyl roof I’ve never seen before.
User Rides / Figure is just start my build......knockers thread
Ok had enough with the CFI. Im also a family guy...this is a dirt cheap build. Goal is to be respectable at the red light.
California car cost me $1400.00 68000 miles

Right off the bat I needed to ditch the 14" wheels.X

88 mustang turbines $80.00
16 1.500 lugnuts.      $32.00 Advanced auto
235/75/15 used.        $90.00
Mount/balanced.      $52.00
Engine Tech / New to the site new to the car.
Just purchased a California 1983 Cougar with 60,000 miles. Having a slight issue. Cold idle becomes wide open throttle in 4/5 mins. Will not kick down unless I shut the car off a few times. Pedal is not stuck. Car is basicly undrivable due to power blocking when shifting into reverse or drive at wide open throttle.

Had it towed to my garage and basicly was shown the door. California emmission access to diagnostic tools for the computer.  Was told to get classic plates. Pennslyvainia this means no longer needs to conform to emission testing. Then swap over to a carb. Or I can start throwing dozens of parts at the car. X

Wouldnt mind the swap but this car is close to showroom condition. Dont know where or if I should start upgrades. The AOD just was serviced 50 miles after purchased. Was told a shift kit can wake it up for $500/$600

The intake and carb is a easy summit purchase.
However need to decide If I should use the dura spark module or a 60's point style distributor. Or should I just try to save the EFI?