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At The Track / Wildhorse pass 11/16
Got my oil leak cleaned up and got to the track yesterday but only got one pass due to helping out other buddies there. Car ran a 12.81 at 103 mph with 2.0 60ft launched with a 125 shot and after 2.6 seconds it progresses down to a 50 shot. At the last second I also wimped out and turned the boost duty cycle down it only made 7.5 psi. For some reason right at around the 1000 ft the car just shut off which is a new one for me, thus the low mph. After looking at the datalog looks like right when the nitrous came on my afr went to 9.1. So going to investigate that and probably change my fuel jet for the nitrous system to something smaller. All in all I was happy with it haven't raced in a while so I was guessing on a lot of the tune.

At The Track / Act of Speed event
This event was a prepped track 1/4 mile instant green heads up race for points. Was trying to take it easier on my trans since it's definitely on it's last leg first pass I ran a 50 shot from start to finish and had my boost peak at 7.0 psi ran a 12.90 @ 113 mph with a 1.94 60ft

Not sure you can see it but I let out quite the smoke cloud, car wouldn't shift into 2nd and I floated the valves and pushed the dipstick out at about 6300 rpm when it finally went into 2nd gear.

Second pass I ran no nitrous and 3 psi my buddy in the Camaro really wanted a chance to beat me but I came around him at the top end of the track ran a 13.87 @ 106 mph
At The Track / No Prep Shutdown Showdown at wild horse pass

Did my first no prep race, I knew the mustang I was racing was fast so I guessed on the light and ended up leaving too soon. Ran 12 psi with a 50 shot didn't have any spinning could have put much more to the wheels, but oh well maybe next time. It was still fun only got the one run though, was going to do a couple test and tune passes since I got kicked out in the first round but we got rained out.
At The Track / Wildhorse pass raceway last night
Well ran a 12.70 @ 110 not what I wanted but still had a good time and it was the fastest the car has been I have some tuning and transmission bugs to work out. This pass I was running a 125 shot off the line with 10 psi you can see the front end lift slightly once I hit the nitrous. The track was packed only got two passes before 11 pm.
User Rides / My ol beater tbird
This is my 88, bought it last year for $700. Drove it home pulled the motor out and converted it to h.o. with stock E7TE heads, blew a couple head gaskets and cracked a few piston skirts. I think I've put 3 blocks in it now the current is out of a 94 cobra and has lasted the longest. I've put 4.10 gears in the stock 7.5 and still has the original aod with column shift. Ran a 14.7 @ 95 mph. Got tired of being beat by srts and mustangs, put a nitrous kit with 255 lph pump I think.  47lb ford performance injectors and I tune it with a Moates Quarterhorse. Ran a 12.95 @ 106 mph with a 150 shot and was only getting faster as I was advancing the timing. Now took a break over summer from racing because I'm in Az decided to install a turbo kit got an eBay turbo and manifold set for a mustang and just got it running a couple weeks ago. Am headed to the track this Saturday plan on running 8-10 psi and launching with a 50 shot we will see what happens. Positive I've missed stuff I did all the work and tuning myself any questions just ask.