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User Rides / 1985 Turbo Coupe. Bird is the word.
Long story short I've always wanted a turbo coupe, was more partial to the 87-88 but I couldn't pass this one up. The car came with a butt load of records from 1986. Essentially the 2nd owner bought the car sometime in late 85 from the original owner who put like 20k+ miles on the car in a year. (My car is 11/84) anyways the 2nd owner owned the car from 85-2018.  Decided to sell car in March of '18. Some guy buys it and hauls it to Tucson, from what I heard he was going to part the car out and use the engine for something else.

He decided the car was too clean to do that, put the car back up for buddy that lives in Tucson happened to see it and purchase it.

Sends me a picture of it and I get all happy and ask if he wanted to sell it...he told me a price and he drove up to PHX that weekend. 

So on paper I'm TECHNICALLY the 3rd owner.
The car is extremely stock and at one point was going through a restoration, I guess life got in the way and the car was put on the back burner for a while.

Currently I'm getting little things fixed on the car and I'll start doing more mods to it. 

There were some odd gremlins with the car.....I noticed I didn't have a working E-brake that was fixed by installing the missing brake bars in the drums.
My horn didn't work, that was fixed by adding missing wiring under the horn :hick:
The next things I want to tackle is getting the foglights working... Light on the dash switch turns on, get under the car and GUESS WHAT the lights aren't even connected, infact the harness was cut out. SOOO I guess ill be making my own harness for them soon.

Looking through my paperwork apparently the fuel pump, sending unit and filter were all replaced in march of '18, my gauge happens to work half assed and leans more to the not working side. Ill be dropping the tank soon to see what kind of dumb stuff I find, while im at it ill replace with a whinebro 255.

Oh and I did manage to pull the turbo and replace the oil feed and oil return which was purchased from stinger. While the turbo was off I added an E6 manifold and had the manifold and the exhaust housing of the turbo ceramic coated.

Here is a link to some photos