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Drivetrain Tech / AOD reverse problem
I have an issue with my rebuilt AOD. The Forward gears are fine, the Reverse is a bit lazy to engage. The most maddening thing is that the car almost refuses to roll backward. I've removed the driveshaft and checked the rear gears for any problems from my 4.10 install. The rear end is fine going either direction. Turning the driveshaft in the Reverse direction was practically impossible, however. I dropped the shifter all the way down to NEutral and Drive to eliminate the shifter being misadjusted and causing the parking pawl to possible be engaged. The engine was off, so there was no fluid pressure to activate any clutch pack, band, or servo; yet the car is extremely stubborn to push rear ward. Had an episode where something "popped" and the binding seemed to ease up. I'm at my wit's end trying to figure out what might be amiss in the gear train of the trans to bind up like this. I have never had a transmission does this before. Anyone have a similar experience and/or solution? Thanks for any help.