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Suspension/Steering / Better brakes
I've been doing alot to the car this year and I'm wondering what's a good pair of brakes to run. I have 4 lug 8.8 disc Rear end what's a good pair of brakes that will fit that setup for front and back. Also I want to upgrade my air shocks  because mine leak. Anybody have a clue what will work
Electrical Tech / New wiring harness
I put carbed 351w in my car and my main question is can I buy a wiring harness just to run that and keep my interior stuff the same or do I need to rewire the whole car?
Engine Swapping / 351w in a 88 bird
I have a 351 I put in the car years ago that I'm rebuilding. My questions are 1 what oil pan can I use I have a double sump pan on the now and one of the humpshiznits the sway bar and makes damon near impossible to get the drain plug out. Is there any pan that will work a lot better and fit right in without problems also is the any headers I can use that will clear the steering shaft. The ones on there now rub and I had to bend one in to make it work.
At The Track / whats everyone got
I'm interested in hearing how fast you guys are making the 1/4 in I've gotten mine to 14.5 on bad tires and before the cowl good and racing seats I just started the rebuild on the 351w I put in it years ago in going to try to break into the mid 13s and still drive it regularly with the a.o.d
Drivetrain Tech / tranny swap questions
I am currently turning my 88 tbird to a street legal race car. Hoping to run in the 11s I'm in the low 13s now. Mu question is I have a a o d tranny and I'm thinking about going to a c4 or c6 what one should I do and do I have to do any modifications to the interior or body to make it work
Misc Tech / drag racing experts out there
i need your a  help im running a 14.60 in a quarter mile with a slightly modfied 351 windsor ( edlebrock brock heads/ 750cfm carb / 1970 heads/ 373 gear ratio) everyday. any thoughts btw im pushing 295 horsepower to the rear wheels.
User Rides / the tbird so far
just some of the work ive done to it since i bought it as a pile of junk
Engine Tech / 393?
i have a solid 351w in the 88 sport right now im wondering if anyone has stroked these motors and what they thought? as far as power gains/ life expectancy of the motor?