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General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / There's Another Cougar in Town!
I was at my local station gassing up the other day when I looked across the street at the custom wheel/brake shop and saw a familiar outline of a car parked around the back of the shop.  Just when I thought I might have had the only Fox Cougar in my little town, there's a silver '86 that looks to be in almost perfect exterior condition (you know I had to drive over and be nosy and look it over).  It's an LS, not one bit of rust I can see or body damage, gray leather interior, 5.0, and the holy grail is what I believe to be the rare factory sunroof.  It has the 14's with whitewalls and wire covers.  The most current sticker on the tag read 2009.  It 'appeared' to have new tires (yes, 14" whitewalls) on this 10-yr-off-the-road car.  I have no idea of its running condition or if it's a customer's car being serviced, or it's for sale, etc.  I intend to do a little more inquiring.  I'll keep everyone posted.
Other Vehicles / F150/Expedition Seat Swap
Undertook a little project this past weekend.  The story begins back in Dec 2010 when I totaled my beloved '98 F150 Lariat truck.  Only had liability insurance, so I robbed every part off of it I thought was worth a dime, then sped the rest.  Took the leather Captain's Chairs out of it, thinking they'd sell in no time.  Forward to present time, still had the seats in the shed, never sold.  Recently bought an '01 Expedition Eddie Bauer from brother-in-law.  Power driver's seat motor had stripped-out gears, so seat was stuck in full backward position.  OK for me at 6'1", but wife couldn't reach pedals.  Yanked Expedition seat out, and dug out F150 seat from back of shed.  Took the frame/motor assembly off the F150 seat (this motor hasn't moved in over 8 years) and swapped to the Expy seat.  Wire harnesses were not the same.  Expy has the memory seat option, so there's a whole module under that seat that the F150 didn't have.  So I finally figured out how to connect the Expy harness into the F150 frame, and re-installed seat.  Plugged everything in, and started pushing buttons.  At first, I could hear motor trying to turn, but no front/rear motion.  Gave everything a good soaking with WD40, and slowly it started freeing up.  Still doesn't move super smoothly or quickly, but at least now I have front/rear motion, and the memory function is working.  I felt pretty proud.  But now wife is able to drive it!  Maybe I made a mistake.....
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / AOD Driveshaft and Pedal Assembly
As some of you advised me, I'm having a little trouble finding the parts I need for my 5sp install in my '86 Cougar.  I need an AOD driveshaft to go behind my T5.  My car came with the C5 trans, so my driveshaft is too long.  Hoping I can find one instead of cutting mine down.  I don't know if there's a length difference between AOD shafts from 3.8's and 5.0's??  Haystack told me an AOD shaft should go right in without having to cut it.

Also, can't seem to find a clutch pedal assembly from a Foxbody Mustang.  Had one located but didn't get it fast enough and he sold the whole car.  I thought Foxbody 'stangs were still everywhere, but my point of reference may be off slightly.

If anybody has either of these or can point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.  Thanks.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / '85 30th Anniversary T-bird
Your friendly neighborhood CL troller here again.  Listed in the SE Missouri area is an '85 30th Ann. T-bird with 30k original miles.  Says it's been sitting for a while and is sun-faded inside and out, but runs fine.  Says "make offer, need gone ASAP".  Only has 1 pic, and it doesn't look mint, but not bad either.  Listing ID is 6861336166.  Y'all check it out.  Later. 
Audio & Other Aftermarket Electronics / 2 Head Units in the Dash?
I know, it sounds like an odd question.  My '86 GS has the cubby-hole pocket in the top slot, the radio in the middle, and the pop-out ashtray in the bottom position.  The last owner installed a head unit that does not have a CD player, but does have USB and auxiliary inputs, which I think I will like to keep.  I have an older Pioneer CD player that I thought about putting in the slot where the cubby-hole pocket is.  I know I'd have to run separate speakers and such.  Aside from that, would the same mounting kit fit in that location as it does in the center location?  Anybody ever done this or know if it will work?  Thanks.
Lounge / What's Up with Missing Pics?
First off, love the new look and format of the page.  Seems much easier to navigate as well.  I do notice that in some threads, attached pictures are not available to open, but instead there's some kind of image (like a printed page with a folded corner).  Can anyone tell me why that is?  I'm sorry if this has been covered elsewhere and I missed it.  I'll be reading a cool post and think I'm about to get to see the car the member is writing about, then get let down when I get the image.  Is it a setting somewhere on the page?  Or in my PC?  Thanks for your help.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / Odd T-bird on Craigslist
While trolling around on CL last night, I came across an odd car.  It's an '88 'Bird in the St. Louis area (item # 6839119331) that at a glance looks like a base coupe.  But look closer.  It's got plain-Jane hubcaps, but it's got a TC hood and front end.  He says it has a 3.0 V6 that needs head gaskets (from a Ranger, Taurus ??).  In one shot of the dash panel, which is the base half-digital half-buttstuffog dash, you can see that it's got the gear indicator of a column shift car.  And the 8th digit in the VIN is a "W", which says it is a TC.  Is this just a Frankenstein car that somebody cobbled together out of a TC and a standard Bird?  In the limited number of pics, it looks like a car that Ford built, not one that's been patched together.  I texted the guy with a few questions, and the only one he responded to was that it was a 3.0, not a 3.8.  Who would put a 3.0 in a Bird?  Just thought it was an interesting car.  Whaddaya think?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / 87/88 T-Bird Mirrors
Would like to find a set of black '87/'88 T-bird power mirrors for my '86 Cougar GS.  I remember reading that the '87/'88 mirrors will fit on '83/'86 cars, and I think they look a little cooler than the '83/'86's.  And I like the black T-bird ones over my Cougar's chromes.  Thanks. 
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / 1986 Bostonian Cougar on Ebay
Everybody check out the 1986 Bostonian Cougar on Ebay in Maine.  Only has 46,000 miles.  Even has the continental kit on the back end.  I guess that's the first '86 Bostonian I've ever seen.  It's very clean.  Somebody explain why an '86 has the '83 stand-up hood ornament.  Was that original, or did somebody swap it out?
Body/Appearance/Interior / Mark VII Seats in a Cougar
I've always loved the Mark VII seats (leather especially, with all the side bolsters).  Has anybody here ever installed Mark VII seats in their Cougar?  If I could find any for sale, I'd love to put a full set in my GS.  Were there Mark VII interiors anywhere close to the Taupe interior of my '86 GS?  I'll probably never find a set anyway, color-matched or not.  Just curious.
Electrical Tech / '83 Tail Lights on '86 GS
According to CoolCats, '85/'86 taillights can be retrofitted to '83/'84 cars with modifications.  There is no mention of going the other way.  I have a perfect set of '83 taillights, and one of the taillights is damaged on my '86.  Could the '83's be installed on the '86 with the same level of modification?  I know the '85/'86 style is preferred, and do look better, but just wondered if it's possible.  Thanks.
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / 86 Cougar on Ebay
I didn't remember to look at its location, but I just saw an '86 (GS) Cougar on Ebay.  It's gray, 5.0, Mustang 5-spoke wheels, gray vinyl (maybe leather but probably not) seats.  What struck me as odd was that it appears to have dual power seats, yet they are probably vinyl, and it has crank windows and vented windows as well.  If so, that's an odd combination of options.  Anybody ever seen or have a car optioned like that?  I think it said $2500, and has like 87k miles.  Really good looking car.  Check it out.
Lounge / Ford Focus Question
First off, not a Fox-related question.  This has to do with my daily 80-mile-per-day driver, a 2002 Focus SE with the 2.0 SOHC motor.  It's in very good condition, has about 155k miles on it, and pretty much only sees highway driving.  I've started noticing that after it's gotten good and 'warmed up' (not excessively hot, temp gauge never goes above midway), my low oil pressure dummy light will come on when I stop at a light.  It only happens after an extended driving period, and immediately goes back out when I take back off again.  Sometimes kicking it into Neutral (oh, it's an automatic) while I'm stopped will make it go out or just kinda flicker.  I made sure to put the recommended 5W-20 oil in it the last time.  I suspect that it means my oil pump is probably getting weak, or my hot idle is too low, which is around 680 to 700 rpm.  Meanwhile, would putting a thicker oil in help it maintain pressure?  I try to always run Motorcraft Synthetic Blend, if that makes a difference.  I think on the oil change before my last one, I'd put 5W-30 in because they were out of the 5W-20, and I don't remember the oil light coming on.  Can someone offer their thoughts?  Thanks.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / '87/'88 Cougar Turbo Coupe?
Has anyone ever known of an '87/'88 Cougar converted to a Turbo Coupe, like a continuation of the '84-'86 XR7?  I know Ford never made such a car, but I don't see any reason why it couldn't be done.  I think it would make a cool car.  Just curious....
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / '83 White Cougar in Cincinnati CL Area
I just saw an '83 (GS) white 3.8 Cougar in the Cincinnati CL area (actually NE KY).  They say it only needs 2 tires and a battery.  Has the half-vinyl top.  Has a little surface rust but not bad.  Asking $400.  As always, someone post a link for me if you have a second.  Later.