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Engine Tech / Proper injectors for stock Speed Density 5.0
My car has been diagnosed as having a bad set of injectors, and it runs poorly. SOME of the injectors, at some pont in the cars life, have been replaced with ones that have a different housing.  I look at the parts store/rockauto, and there are numerous part #'s and slight variations in injector styles.  How am I to figure out what part # is correct for my motor?  From what I understand, injectors are very specific and it is crucial to the vehicle's performance that they be matched to the computer.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Lots of 87-88 parts for sale, mostly Cougar
Clearing out my shed

7.5 axle housing , no differential - $20
87-88 Cougar decklid with luggage rack, NO rust, small dent in top - $75
87-88 Cougar/Thunderbird rear bumper cover WITH fiberglass bumper, small crack in very bottom - $75
5.0 HO upper AND lower intake manifold - $100
Cougar factory mudflaps, good condition - $30
4 bolt factory full size spare, IMMACULATE, never been touched - $100
Cougar 14" alloy wheels With white stripe tires, very very good condition - $400
Gas tank plastic shield, out of an 88, don't know if it will fit other years - $20
87/88 Cougar trunk carpet, good shape - $20

Will get pictures shortly
Electrical Tech / Proper sending units for full digital gauge cluster?
I am doing the full digital conversion, and cannot seem to pinpoint some hard evidence on what sending units to use (oil, temp, and fuel) 

Many topics on the matter have links to write-ups that don't exist anymore.  Seeing as I cannot call a parts store and get the proper oil and temp sending units for a specific dash, because they are not educated enough to know the difference, I wondered if anyone on here could give me some part numbers.

As for the fuel sending unit, I KNOW I saw a post a while ago where someone gave the resistance of the different sending units for the different gauges, I just cannot seem to find it anymore.  I will not need a factory sending unit, since I am putting a Tanks fuel tank in my car, and just need to know the proper resistance.
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / WTB body/interior parts for 88 Cougar, and 275/50-15 tires
It's about time I did something about the rot on my car.  Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think t-bird doors should fit my cougar.  I also need a trunklid, and a front bumper (mine was obliterated when I bought it, past owner did some bajaing).

Also, I would really love to get my hands on some BF Goodrich Radial T/A 275/50-15 tires.  They stopped making them, and with the way the economy is, they probably wont be coerced into making them again, so I guess I'll have to buy used and go easy on the burnouts.

As far as interior parts go, there are a few pieces I need, but I'm only looking for ones in absolute mint condition, or ones that will be mint with a bit of cleaning.  I need:

Console switch panel for dual power seats
Console lid
Trunk carpeted trim panels
Trunk floor mat
Trim piece that goes directly underneath the steering column

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :D
Engine Tech / Gas tank vacuum vent w/ carbon filter box - remove??
I'm putting my 3.8 back in my car, and I'm wondering what the purpose is of this big box hanging around.  I originally thought it was venting fumes from the tank into the intake for a little bit of a richer burn, but apparently this carbon filter is removing all the fumes.  Is there any reason to keep this here?  Could I bypass the box and put the gas fumes directly to the intake, or just take it all out and lave an open breather on the fuel tank?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / Misc. parts for sale
I have a few parts lying around that I have no use for anymore, I'd like to make  a few bucks off them if I could;

HO upper and lower intake
HO cam
HO cylinder heads, complete

Dyna-lite mesh wheels, I'd like to get $300 for the set

7.5 axle housing, no unit, no drums, $20
87' Steering column, with ignition, no wheel, $20
Body/Appearance/Interior / Front clip replacement?
Ive just discovered ive been driving around with my front clip frame rails literally rotted to pieces.  Since I know nothing about bodywork/fabrication, I was originally going to leave it until i got the whole car disassembled, and have a professional refab it, but now its so bad i fear the car with break in two if i keep driving it.  Has anyone ever replaced a front clip before, or done a fix to rotted frame rails?
Body/Appearance/Interior / Auto dim failing
My auto dim brights have been acting up for a while, and now its gotten worse.  It went from not dimming, or dimming and not coming back on, to now flashing the brights at oncoming traffic.  Anybody know if its the switch, or the sensor behind the mirror, that's faulty?