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Electrical Tech / Digital gauge cluster refresher needed
Hello all, it's been a heck of a long time. It's been 20+ years since I was here last. Nothing like coming home. Lol used to have tons of fox body cougars and t-birds and one mn-12 cougar. I original used to play around with putting the fox full digits clusters in my cars till I found that beautiful one in the 89 on up cars. It fit in everything and was so easy to mod the wiring once you had a few core signals and swapped a few sensors out.

I put them in every ford I had back then. Fox body cougars and thirds. My fox stangs, my grandmothers crown Vic, and even my ranger. Did write ups on all tgr pages back then on how to do it all.

Flash forwards to now and I find myself in a 90 cougar with an buttstuffog cluster, just screaming to be swapped out for a wifi cluster. The basic swap is easy enough. Find a car in the junk yard and snitch the cluster with buttons, oil, temp, and fuel senders. Repin the cluster and add a pin to #34 on the ecm for the fuel flow and add the resistor in the alt wire. And wha-la working cluster.

 But I know that stock, the cluster tops out at 99 mph. But I know there is a way to make it read over 100, just like the fox ones were able to be nodded to do.  I can't remember how anymore. I'm pretty sure it was just jumping a resistor like you had to do with the fox style ones. But which one is it? Anyone remember?

The next question is for my next vehicle to get this cluster modded into it. My 93 full sized bronco. I can swap out the senders for the digital cluster from the doner car just like all the others. Well I have to get a fuel sender from a Lincoln with a digits cluster because of the differences in tank Configuration. But the one oddball I might have a time with is the fuel flow signal . that's the one that is used by the right hand tripminder section of the cluster to calculate fuel economy. It counts the injector pulse per minute to get the pulse/gallons per hour.

 It is on most ford cars on pin 34 of the ecm, 31 for minivans. I'm hoping that its like most cars and not listed. And ill just plug in a wire and be in business. But just in case, I was wondering what sensor the ecm used to monitor the pulse per minute count on the injectors? That way I might be able to add it into the bronco and get everything working again.

I know that was long winded. Sorry. But I appreciate any info anyone still might have.
Electrical Tech / calling bondocougar need some digi info!!!PLEASE!!!
hey bondo cougar, you've helped me somuch in the past i was hopping you might be able to work some magic angain for me. first off the folling question i know portains to a mn-12 cluster but bondocougar figured out the fox one so i figured he may know this, bondocougar i have an mn-12 guage cluster that i've sucessfull installed in an '84 crown victoria and the guys at and i were wondering if there was a mod to make the mn-12 full digi dash to read over 85 m.p.h. or if it already did that? we would apreciate any info. thanks:america:
Electrical Tech / weird question to the ford gods!!!
o.k. i've been gone for a while, igot rid of my t-bird about 6 mounths ago and inherited my grandmothers crown vick. i've been at i've been spreading the digital cluster bug over there. i was telling them how the cougar clusters go over 85mph if you add a jumper to the w2 spot, and there's a guy that has a '83 lincoln town car that has a stock digi cluster and he was wondering if there was such a mod for his car since it displays 199 when it starts up. i know this technicly doesn't belong in a cougar forum but i figured that if any one would know it would be you guys. maybe bondocougar? but i would apreciate any info from any of you guy so please let me know.thanks in advance.
Misc Tech / crown vicky question
hey guys i know this don't belong at this site but i can't get anyone at any vicky site to answer me. and i know yu guys will know no matter what ford it is. so her it goes is all i need to know is if the wiring colors on  an"84 vicky  the same as the colors on the t-bird/cougar and do they do the same things(i.e. is the green with yellow the tach on both?)
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars FOR SALE / '87 cougar owners manual book*freeby*
hey guys i got rid of my cougar years ago and am in the process of moving and i found the the velvetish book  cover for the owners manual and it's in pristine condition no cracks. i also found the owners guide an oporators guide books, their in fair condition.the books aren't perfect but the cover is  and i don't need them as i don't have a cougar any more and i'm offering these up to anyone who wants them for what it cost to mail them to where you are. i would hate to throgh these away so some one maybe restoring a cougar needs a good set to display.let me know.
Electrical Tech / digi stuff not t-bird or cougar
hey guys it's bbe a while sinc i've posted here since the bird died and i got a crown vickie. (long story) but i've got a guy on the grand maqui board that needs some help and they don't realy mod out their cars, so no oneover there is much help and i figured if any one would know it would be you guys. here it goes. the guy has a '84 grand marqui with a anolog cluster he has a digi cluster out of an  '85 town car. here's the question does the digi tc  cluster need a different fuel sender like the ones for the t-bird/cougar or does the anolog one that he has in his car work the guage corectly? thanks for any info. i realize that this doesn't really belong on this board but i know you guys love a challenge and to help others when ever you can.thanks
Misc Tech / anyone know of a site for craown victorias
like the title sais, i need info on a site for crown vickys like this site.  i've tryed  but it keeps locking-up, and all the people at that site turn all their cars into cop cars. i'm  trying to find something more about restoration maybe some light modding.  one thing i'd like to do is get my hands on one of those intercepters that they have in half of their cars!!!!
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / crown vicky sites like this??
first off if this is the wrong spot for this please move it .second off it's been a while since i've been here. thats because my bird took a dump and i've been concentrating on my wifes car. our only transport for now. fotune has offered me a grim offering in the shape of a practically mint '84  crown vicky.  the car was bought by my grandfater out of the showroom in jan. '84 it has the tow package and power everything, white with blue interior. my grandfather bought it to haul his power boat to the lake. unfortunately him and my grandmother traveled for the next six mounths doing business.  he died while on the road and only got to use this car once.  the car has mostly sat in a garage since then as my grandmother only used it as a back-up car. now it only has 72,XXX original miles on the thing and hasn't spent a night out of the garage in its life. unfortunately my grandmother passed on in december and nobody else in the family wanted the car. so i'm buying it off of the estate so the car doesn't get auctoined off. and i'm in need of a site that has people as enthusiastic about vickys to help me with it. the only thing that we know of thats wrong with it is that the headliner is falling down. so any help finding a site  would be most apreciated. thanks
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / cheap cougar on ebay to someone in area
(If this is in the wrong area please move it wher it belongs) hey guys i saw this one and couldn't jump on it(i live to far away) but figured somone in the area, or a better hauling setup than i do might want to jump on it. no reserve
thanks guys let me know if someone here gets it.
Lounge / tech site for a much newer cougar
woring on getting a 2002 cougar  :rollin: and was wondering if any of you know if there is a site like cool cats or message board like this one on the newer cougars any help would be apreciated thanks . i know if anybody knows of one it will  be you guys
Electrical Tech / flush buttons for new idea
hey guys this is probably one for the guys that hang around computer parts stores but any info would be nice. what i'm looking to do is slowly get rid of all the big bulky '80's switches like the power window s, power seat s,locks, mirrors,ect,ect, and replace them with bottons that are completely flush with the plastic console(i'm trying to go for a totally hidden look).what i need is theese flush buttons that can handle the load and power that the big and blukies far no luck scoping out the boneyard for a differnt car to get them from so i'm looking probably t'wards the radio shack eletronics shops for answers so if you know of anthing even close let know
                                      thanks in advance
                                      roger phillips
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / looking for several parts(interior)
i'm looking to several upgrades solet me know if you have any of these and a price (include shipping if possible): :rollin:

any digital guage clusters out of the foxes

any atomatic floor selectors for our cars( not the mustang ones those i can find by the thousands :mad: )

tripminder computers

tubocoupe interior door panels(any color)
Engine Tech / 5.0L blocks the same from throtlebody to fuel injection
hey guys need your help fast!!!!! i have an '84 t-bird with the 5.0L throtle body set up on it. i unfortunatly got stuck in traffic(bumper to bumper rush hour) and it overheated causing the block to crack :toilet:'s the big question i need this car up and running A.S.A.P. it is my only way to and from work and i've only got the next two days off if i don't get this running by then i'll havew to miss work :flame: !!!!!!! all the cars in the boneyard have the full fuel injection on them are the  motors the same from the intake on down the same  so i can just trade out the intakes and the sensors and get the thing running or are the heads  or any thing else different that would stop me from making this work ???? i really need to know this info fast so please respond if you know.
                                                  thanks in advance roger phillips
Electrical Tech / swaping out to a bigger alt. need info.
i know that this question has had to come up but i think it was at the old site and i can't find the info. :sorry:  i have an '84 t-bird whith the 5.0L throttle boddy injection(P.O.S eddition)and i'm getting an 5.0L HO out of an '88 L.S.C. rebuilt, and while i've got the engine and the wiring harness out of the car i was goin to do some of the esier and cheaper upgrades to it. my question is my sister has an 90 taurus fully loaded  with a blown head gasket set to go to the bone yard and i noticed it has a 120V alt on it,  :rollin: any way to put this into the system in place of the stock 75V alt on the motor? and what all wirrng/relays/anything else would i need to rob off the taurus to put it in the other system? and where would i tie all this in at?  also the taurus is a 3.8L and has 2 electric fans cooling it again what would i need to rob off the taurus and where would i splice them in? and would they be able to cool a 5.0L engine corectly?  :barf: or would they be insuficient and tlet the car fry it self?:flame: any info is apreciated and in advance thanks
                                                    A.K.A. roger  phillips