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Drivetrain Tech / Measurement request
Can anyone measure the T5 from the bellhousing front(block surface) to the center of the hole where the shifter mounts?
T-Bird/Cougar Parts & Cars WANTED / Wanted: pre '86.5 motor mounts
Looking for the pre '86.5 style motor mounts.  Don't need to be in any good shape, I'm just looking to copy the dimensions from them.  If anyone has an old pair laying around that haven't been thrown away yet, let me know.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / turbo coupe saved from the crusher, just in time!
The guy I bought my Fairlane from just drove to New Richmond, WI and saved an '87 Turbo Coupe 5 sp./ sunroof/ grey in color w/ blue interior, etc... from going into the crusher.  I would have done the same thing.  This car is complete minus headliner (I'll get to that in a bit) and turbo coupe door molding inserts,  runs but with injector issues, and has mint 16" snowflakes.  Only rust I saw was a bit of bubbling at the bottom of the quarter panel, and it had some minor hail damage.  Oh, and missing the shift .

It just amazes me what people are willing to bring in for s these days.  Out of pure laziness or to make a quick buck I s'pose, but WTF?

The car I have has a sunroof blue headliner, so I'll be pulling that out and giving it to him for his "new" car.  The grey headliner I have, which matches the rest of my interior parts, is a non-sunroof headliner, and came from an XR7.  So I'm thinking I could cut the hole out for the sunroof, and maybe do some tpuppies on the back half to match it to the Tbird's dimensions.  Anyone else do anything like this?  This light grey interior, is not the raven color, so I'm not sure I'll find another headliner too easily.
Lounge / Ohioans...
Monica Durban's Law....have ya read it?
Drivetrain Tech / Mazda MPV rotors for TC rear
Been reading about this:  '94-95 Mustang axles, 1990 Mazda MPV 3.0 V6 front rotors (10", 5 lug x 4.5" pattern, 2 7/16" offset), 1/8" spacer behind the rotor to space it out to 2 5/16" offset.  To work with stock TC rear calipers. 
Now for those of us who live in the boonies up North, there aren't any '94 and newer Mustangs in the junkyard.  However I believe I can order the axle shafts and MPV rotors through the local parts store.  (I already have the wheel spacers) which is a decent alternative to not finding anything in the JY.
This method should also work for those who use the North-race-cars brackets for Mustang width offset....which is what I'm looking to do to allow some meats under the wheelwells.
Now the question is what shafts would work for the Mustang width?  Would the Ranger/Aerostar shafts work with a disk brake rotor?  (I doubt it)  How about cutting off 3/4" from a newer Stang shaft?  I also read the Lincoln caliper flip for 5 lug swap on Fox Stangs, and they mention Ranger axles, so maybe it would work?
Suspension/Steering / car pulls to the left hard
Ok, here's a trivia question.  Starting from a dead stop, no hands on the wheel, put in drive, wheel pulls to the left.  Stop, put in reverse, wheel pulls back to the right.  Repeat several times.  Forward=left, reverse=right.  What would be the cause?