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Electrical Chatter / illuminated switch question
Not sure if my query should go here as it doesn't exactly pertain to a apologies in advance if I posted in the wrong section..

This pertains to my 2006 Explorer...anywho, there is what is known as the brown wire mod, it basically keeps the auto transfer case from engaging when it wants to, in effect, keeping the vehicle in "true" 2wd.

My question is this; is it possible to use an illuminated switch to be able to send power to the 4wd module when I need 4x4, and have the switch illuminated when on? I don't want to send voltage to something that shouldn't have it, or backfeed into the module when the switch is off (which would be counter productive to the whole idea anyway)...

Granted, one would need a schematic to fully see what I'm talking about...

Right now I have a simple toggle switch and it works fine but I'd like to have something that's lit up when on and the auto 4wd is acting as it should...

I'm not the most well versed in 12v DC wiring and don't want to mess stuff up.

The purpose of the cutting off the signal to the t-case is two fold; a bit better mileage and the feeling of more power due to the lack of parasitic loss to the front end's getting power.
This actually won't harm the T case as everything is still mechanically connected, it merely keeps the t-case from auto engaging when the system detects (what it thinks, anyway) is wheel spin at the rear...
I've actually driven several thousand miles with the signal wire unpinned from the module's connector...only thing I've noticed is about a mile, mile and half increase of fuel mileage.

Anyway, if my rambling makes any sense, I appreciate feedback :)
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Kinda jonesin' for a Mark VII..
I know, I know, it's not (just) an AeroBird, but it is close enough and already has some of the stuff that I'd end up doing anyway...

Had a good lead on one, but the timing was off (me being able to go get it, the car ran fine, just needed a trans, I'd have done a T5 swap ASAP!).

So I'm still looking, I'm not above considering a car that needs an engine/trans, as I'd very soon be replacing those with some upgraded shiznit anyway, but requirements are no rust, damage, or a shiznit interior. Of course if I could find a 5.0 Tbird/Cat, these would also have consideration in the same shape.

Not asking for leads (here, anyway) but if there's one out there that you know of that isn't 693 miles (or more) from North Missouri, I'd be definitely interested. Nothing else really grabs me....tired of Mustangs, not a fan of the 4 eye Birds, though if a 5.0 in good shape came about I'd for sure weigh on it too.

I've even thought about 5.0 swapping a Ranger, but I'd rather have something that is able to haul 4 kids if I need it to, but something I can zip back and forth to work in rather than put miles and wear on my it 40 miles a day round trip....equates to about 150 a week in gas...and that's the shaging shiznits.

I'd just be quiet and look at a Focus or a Fusion, or something, but I like my balls in my pants and not in a purse. No offense to those here who might drive one...I actually do have a Milan (Mercury's version of a Fusion) and while it's a great car, my woman friend drives it and I ain't about to turn her loose in a lifted big-assed SUV LOL.

Anyway, I'm just rambling now, but I'm on the hunt for something. Kinda want a Mark VII as I've never had one, but it's still the same as what I know with some nice shiznit too...

Of course, if I had the $, I'd have a Focus ST. I think that would definitely show everyone a nice fat bulge right below my belt buckle.

My birthday is next week if anyone is feeling exceptionally generous...LOL.

The hunt continues....or the hontinuing cun....n/m..... :P
Other Vehicles / Bigger is better
So with 4 kids growing like proverbial weeds, plus one more that joins the pack along with his mom, we needed more room.

SSo this is what we decided. It's a 2011 Expy EL, XLT trimmed.
At first it was a bit much but once you get used to it it's just right (that's what SHE said).
I've already done a few little changes to it, some LED lighting within and without, rear wiper conversion, smoked LED 3rd brakelight, Magnaflow cat back etc etc.

Thing pulls like a train from about 55 on surprisingly, for a fat girl. Has the 5.4 3v in it...IIRC, the HP is a bit over 300 and something like 360 foot pounds of twist...may be wrong but I can tell you it feels like a diesel when you step on it.
I don't have more planned for it, other than a small lift and some 33s on F150 wheels, some tint for the front door glass, and a serious upgrade to the infotainment area.

The day we first saw this we also drove an Explorer Sport...the one with the ecoboom. I was interested in it till I drove it. Thing was a rat, needed brakes, suspension, tires, and did NOT feel like a TT engine.
Oh well, need more room anyway. This Expy ought to pull a 20' camper easily. Probably won't get it into the mountains, but it ought to handle a trip to the grand canyon next spring.

Lounge / covid in my household..
My girlfriend's son (he's 6), just got a positive covid test result. We're all in quarantine now, and the likely vector is Mason's dad, he had it, as did his girlfriend.

My girl took the test along with Mason, but she's negative. I'm going next Tuesday to get tested along with my 4 kids...

So far none of us have had any symptoms, except for a low grade fever here and there, and me, Samantha, and my ex have all had some pretty major headaches that lasted 2 or 3 days. I have had a slight chest pain that lasted a few days but is gone now. I'm just tired.

I'm willing to bet I'm positive. I just haven't felt as strong as I normally do.

Anyone else here had or have it? Hopefully nobody else gets's really shaging up everything.

Stay well people. Be safe too. :)
Lounge / happens.
So about a year ago, some issues started cropping up on the homefront. I started to gradually notice a little emotional distance with the wife. Things got bad, she left June of '19 with the kids for 6 weeks and change. Came home, we both promised we'd work to better ourselves, individually and as a unit.

Well, shiznit happens.

The long and short of it was after noticing some heavy activity with her and her phone, a check of the cell records and whatnot, found out she'd been messing with another guy. He left his wife for mine, as well.

It was pretty rough around February (she left for good in January) pretty down and out but thank shag didn't have any kind of relapse beyond getting rip rolling drunk a few times.

Anyhow, this isn't a pity me post, or a hey, look at me's got a hell of an upside; in April I met a hell of a good gal, we've had some great times, and the kids adore her and she loves them like her own.

As for my marriage......I'm making some calls this week to find out what needs to be done. The (soon to be ex) wife and I have agreed to not have a custody battle, we share the kids equally, and while she moved out (obviously!, lol) it's in the same school district, so that's not a concern.

It's been a pretty god ed rough road there for a time, but for a few good friends, I likely wouldn't be here typing this tonight.
Also, on that worst of nights where shiznit was as bad as I've ever known, the one thought in my mind was "I can not put my kids through this!"

I'll be 43 on Tuesday, life is so much better now. To think....I almost...

Anyway, my head is in a much better space now. I'm eating better, living better. In a few months we'll (Samantha, the 5 kids between us, and myself) will be in a new house with room for all of us.

Sometimes, the dream is attainable. shagin' aye!

I've been here over 15 years, some of you guys even longer than that..
I've "known" some of you younger guys that started here when you weren't even old enough to drive, and now you guys have built and owned some pretty bad ass Birds and Cats.
Point is...shiznit isn't always roses and rainbows. But nothing is worth dying for, and neither is another person.

I've been there, done that. Many of us have. There ever comes a time where someone needs someone to talk to....I'm a real good listener with some advice from my own experiences...

Be well, and stay safe!

Lounge / gamers?
I know from memory that some here are gamers...anyone here on PS4?

I've a PS4, play GTAV often, along with a little rocket league, Battlefield 5 (just got started in it), Dying Light, CoDWW2, and of course GT Sport.

my gamer handle is ca81176556 if you want to add me. It's usually later on in the evenings and at night, around 11pm CST that I'm on, owing to working second shift.

Other Vehicles / new kid limo
Grabbed an '06 Exploder last week, this one has the 4.6 3v, it's an eddie bauer. Pretty nice riding/driving buggy. I like it. Wheels aren't

Site Suggestions / spammer on the board..
ena1 is a spammer. Only has a handful of posts, but each one has a link to something for sale etc.

I've reported the posts, but the shagstick is still here and in no way contributes to the subject of the forum... :-\
Lounge / '03-'06 Expedition, anyone here have one?
I'm looking at snagging one soon, was wondering if anyone here had or has one and if there are any issues I need to look for when I go do a tire kick and test drive.

One of the ones I'm eyeballing is an Eddie Bauer, and is super nice with about 125K.

Thanks in advance for any info :D
Lounge / I just want to say...
That, having been a member here for the nearly 14 years, and seeing how relatively unchanged this place has been, I want to thank Eric, Carmen, Chuck, and everyone else that's helped this place get to where and what it is today.

I was looking at another forum (gun forum) and how much they've changed, ie; sold out to corporate forum ownership and realized that we're lucky here. It's kept up by true fans with passion, rather than driven to be a profit generator.

For that, I applaud and commend you guys. You shagin' rock, keep it up. :bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:

PS, there will be a new addition to my herd before long. It's a 5.0 and was born in Lorain in late '87.. ;)
Lounge / Explorer love...
Picked up a '98 with a lot of miles but dospoogeented maintenance, it's really nice, in and out.

Has the 5.0 of course, after the white '97 SOHC 4.0 bullshiznit, I won't even contemplate another of those.

I still of course have my Mountaineer, but it's fate is sealed. It has a date with destiny soon, it's going to give up it's engine harness, transmission, and fuel lines, which are going into the white Explorer, along with a lower mile 5.0

It's a fair bit of work, but the white one has a lot of new suspension stuff, ball joints, etc, and the body is in great shape, as is the interior..

The new one is the gold colored one, obviously :D
Lounge / the summer of insanity
Awhile back (last fall) I bought a '97 Explorer with the 4.0, the body is in great shape. Had the "rattle" that any 4.0 owner comes to dread before emptying wallets, kids' piggy banks, and putting in a second mortgage on the house over.

Well, I ain't fixin' this piece of shiznit, broken timing chain boat anchor of an engine.

So last week I bought a wrecked '99 Mountaineer (5.0)

You may see where I'm going with this....

The plan is to use the '99 engine, pirate the fuel system, engine harness and ECM from my worn out (345,000 mile) '97 Mountaineer, and swap it all into the '97 Explorer (former)4.0.

It's a big job, and thereby delaying my Mustang shiznit. I've gotta have an SUV. I also am planning on using my '97 5.0 trans, as I'm not sure if the trans in the '99 is the same kind.

I put a new frontend, tires, brakes, and shocks on the '97 Explorer, and my '97 Mounty is, let's say..past it's prime. It's served me well, and I'm not one to get attached to a mechanical object, but I'm going to miss it when it's gone. It's been great these last 5 years, but face it. Doors stick, barely open, loud exhaust sucks, needs ball joints and tires and brakes and new rotors and....and......

First things first. Gotta get the engine out of the '99 and examine it. Drunk chick ran off the road and hit a tree and tore the driver's front off. Still has oil in the pan and the first thing I checked was the inertia switched. Yup, it was tripped, so I'm fairly certain the engine is good still. She broker her neck in the wreck, was airlifted out. Don't drink and drive.

Pics to come, welcome to my summer of insanity. (anyone here a therapist....I could use help..ha.)
Lounge / already had my share of the 4.0
no real point to this thread, other than general  n' moanin' about the subject matter. Timing chain, '97 Exploder.

Half the miles and wear of my '97 Mountaineer (that one's a 5.0) and it's already laid down on us. We got it in December..

I'm already looking for a donor exploder/mounty to do a 5.0 transplant. As long as it has a good engine (meaning less miles than my Mounty) I'll buy the engine (or whole vehicle) and swap. If I have to nab shiznit from the Mounty, I will. It's getting rough, one of the doors doesn't stick...rust holes bigger than an elephant's ass in the quarters, etc. That 300K mile engine and trans still run pretty shaging good though. All I truly need is an exhaust....y pipe, cats, etc. Mine's rusted, broken all to hell and back....

Just a car guy to others..
Lounge / yep..
Merry Christmas to you all....keep in mind that some folks are less well off, and won't see another Christmas.

Be safe, kind, and do a small favor for those with less or in need. Let's make 2017 a better year :):bowdown: