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Lounge / Chevy Craft magazine showing us Fox Bird guys some love
I follow Chevy Craft on Facebook (Car craft, really, but I call it Chevy Craft because it's easier than typing out Camaro, Nova and Chevelle Craft), and a few days ago they posted an article about a Fox Bird they're building. It's a rough 87 TC that they're building into a twin-turbo'd, 460-powered brawler. I haven't seen the article in the magazine yet (I subscribe for the Krass & Bernie and engine build articles), but it looks like it's gonna be a monster of a car
Lounge / Barn find: 5 four-eye 5.0 T-Birds, 3 '87 Turbo Coupes
I stumbled across an unbelievable barn find today: 5, count 'em, FIVE 83-86 T-Birds sporting the 5.0 engine, and three '87 Turbo Coupes. And they're ALL MINE! The four-eyes are all in original but very dusty condition. They are all original including paint & tires, and cleaned up nice. They have a few dings & scratches here & there but will not be restored, they'll be left in original condition.

The Turbo Coupes are a different story. One is a complete "Mach 1" red 5-speed TC with good but dull paint. The body has no rust but the interior is very dirty, and the door mirrors are missing. One is a white 5-speed TC with immaculate body, but the vehicle is completely disassembled  - all of the parts are there but are in boxes - this car and parts are LIKE NEW! It looks like it was a project that was started but never finished. The third is either an 87 or 88 that has been used as a race car. Drivetrain details are unknown as the one-piece front end does not open, and it appears to have some kind of widebody kit on it.

Of course, a post like this wouldn't be complete without pics, so here they are:

First, the four-eyes and the 87-88 race car, in "as found" condition:

Next, the red '87 TC, again, "As Found":

And finally, the white, disassembled TC. This one was actually not even dirty, because it's been covered its whole life:
Lounge / Interesting coincidence (and an update on an old friend)
So I was selling a Honda Civic battery on Kijiji that I had removed from a kid's SI and installed an Optima to support his stereo and the guy that buys it is looking at me funny when he comes to pick it up. I looked back at him with a "WTF" look on my face, and he says "Is your name Carmen?"

I replied "Yes", expecting him to tell me he went to school with me years ago. Turns out he's the guy that bought my T-Bird back in 2010! Such a strange coincidence - I lived in a different town 50 miles away back then. He lived in the town I live in now, but he has since moved 50 miles away (which explains why I haven't seen it since I sold it). So he updated me on the Bird. He's still got it, but he yanked the engine out of it to put in something else and is currently building a warmed over 5.0 for it. On top of the suspension mods I had done he installed caster/camber plates and a bumpsteer kit, and he put a new exhaust on it before yanking the engine. He says once he gets it running again he'll drop in for a visit. How cool is that?
LEADS on T-Bird/Cougar Stuff For Sale / Couple of nice Turbo Fords in Nova Scotia/Newfoundland
Just came across these while surfing Kijiji. Prices are kinda up there but they look to be nice cars. Since they're both listed out of North Sydney but located in Newfoundland they are probably both for sale by the same owner

1988 T-Bird Turbo Coupe:

1987 Merkur XR4Ti:
Other Vehicles / Added some small personal touches to the 2015 Stang, also driving impressions
So I've had the Mustang for about 3 months now, and it is showing 4100km on the clock (about 2500 miles). Enough seat time to finally provide some driving impressions.

First off, I've just got to say it - that Coyote howls. Third gear at 60MPH and WOT will put a smile on anyone's face. The sound is spectacular. Spectacular enough that I don't think I'll be doing anything with the lers, because I don't want to ruin it. I will probably put an X-pipe with resonator delete on it though, which hopefully won't change the sound too much. I've read magazine reviews that said the car is too quiet, but I find it's just perfect. I realize that there are faster cars out there, but believe me, at WOT this car feels like it's the fastest thing in the world.

I'm a little less than impressed with the shifter action. I might just be fussy - I'm used to driving Hondas (but not anymore, I've left the Honda dealership), and everyone knows that Honda does one of the best manual transmissions around. It's not horrible - it's a hell of a lot better than the T5 was in the T-Bird, but third gear can sometimes be difficult to find. I've read that this has been a problem since day one with the MT82, and that a fix is to install an aftermarket shifter bracket. Therefore, that will be my first "real" mod - a Blowfish racing aluminum shifter bracket that mounts directly to the tranny instead of to the body like the original one does.

Daily driving the car is a pleasure. It's a little noisy on rough pavement, but that can be expected of a car with 35-series tires. It goes where it's pointed and does what's expected of it, and the seat is quite comfortable (getting in and out is another story, but it's not Ford's fault that I'm old). The Shaker Pro stereo is sufficiently loud and very clear, the Sync is easy to use, and, to answer a question somebody asked in another thread, the cooled seats are AWESOME. I just wish that the seat back was cooled as well - only the arse part is. Both parts are heated, though.

So far the car seems to be wearing well. The tires and brakes show no visible wear, and the wheels have remained free of brake dust.

All in all I am perfectly happy with this car. Having seen the new 2016 Camaro makes me even happier. It may prove to be a little quicker, but it will never come close in looks.

I have also done some very minor custom tweaks, just to make it mine. First order of business was to paint the brake calipers. Those huge and gorgeous brakes could not just be left to corrode and get ugly, especially with the open spoke design of the wheels, so I took them apart and painted them. It makes quite a difference in looks, and if the Civic guys are a reliable source, painted calipers are worth +35 horses to the wheels!

I've posted most of these on Facebook, but I figure a lot of you haven't seen them.

So first step was to remove the wheels, then remove the calipers so I could take the rotors off. With the rotors off I loosely bolted the calipers back on, just to hold them for painting. I masked off everything I didn't want paint on, such as the backing plate, control arms, strut, inner fender, brake line, etc:


Then I applied the paint. I forget the brand name, but it's one of those ones you read about in Hot Rod magazine and the like (VHT maybe?), and is actually called "Caliper paint". It's a spray bomb, and it came out quite well - nice and smooth, no fisheyes or runs, and looks like factory powdercoating:


Once the paint dried (overnight) I reassembled the brakes and bolted the wheels back on:

Other Vehicles / Some pics of the 2015 Mustang's dirty bits
Being a long-time car guy and a mechanic to boot, I simply had to see the underside of the new Stang. Some of you guys are probably curious to see what the new independent rear suspension looks like in the S550 as well. I finally had the chance to get it in the air yesterday, so here are some pics:

First a "wide" shot showing the whole rear suspension.

The rear suspension. Lower control arm and spindle are aluminum. Toe link is stamped steel. Upper arm, what I've always called the "Boomerang link" in other vehicles, is cast iron.

Rear diff is the familiar 8.8" with an iron housing and structural aluminum cover. The ring & pinion are 8.8 (it says so right on the tag) but it looks differently shaped to me, kinda like a Dana 44. Gears inside are 3.31:1 with traction lock.
Other Vehicles / New arrival (2015 Mustang GT) - Now with more pics and 2012 side-by-side comparo
So I finally pulled the trigger. 2015 Mustang GT Premium, 6-speed, Option package 401A (essentially premium sound and a few other bits), Guard Metallic, ebony leather, 20" wheels, Nav & security. Took delivery yesterday, but it was dark so not good for pics. Took some pics today at work as well. Once the weather gets a little better I'll get some actual nice, car-in-sunlight pics, but for now here are some iPhone photos. I intend to put the car on my hoist on Sunday and get some underside pics for those of you who are curious about the underside of the new Stang...

First, the night I brought it home. First night in the driveway with its roommate:

Kinda cheesy, but cool anyway - it shines a pony on the ground:


And sitting in the employee parking lot at work, after its first commute:

Lounge / Went out looking at cars today...
...and I think I've fallen in love:

2015 Mustang GT Premium, 6-speed. 401A (Shaker stereo, etc), Nav, 20" wheels, Guard metallic in colour. I had originally wanted one in Competition Orange but I have fallen for this colour. And I must say, anyone who has criticized the looks of the new Mustang can't have seen one in person. Pictures do not do these cars justice - they are GORGEOUS!

Now I just need the insurance cheque for the Sonata...
Lounge / Well that was an interesting morning...
Some of you have already seen this on Facebook. I woke up to go to work this morning. There was a heavy frost on the car, so I went out and started it to let it run while I came back in to make my lunch for work. When I had done that I went back out and opened the driver's door and washiznit with a wall of smoke. I reached in and shut it off but could see flaming plastic dripping down from the passenger's side dash onto the floor. I closed the door, went back into the house, called 911, and got the dog on her leash to take her outside. The dog and I stood in the garage and watched it burn while waiting for the fire trucks.

Thankfully there was no damage to the house. The car was parked about 10 feet away. This was a miracle, because any other night it would have been parked right next to the house, but I'd moved it last night to plow the 6" of snow we got yesterday. As much as I hated that snow yesterday, it might just have saved my house...
Other Vehicles / In honour of the new section, let me show off my rides
You've probably already seen me mention them, but these vehicles make up my current stable:

First, the daily driver, hopefully to be replaced with something a little more exciting in a few months. This was the first new car I ever bought: 2011 Hyundai Sonata, 6-speed manual, nothing special. dead reliable, but dead boring:


Next, the workhorse: 2004 Chevy Avalanche 1500. 5.3, 4" body lift, and the most versatile vehicle I've ever owned. I've got a decent little Chinese stereo system in it, and use it for plowing and towing, as well as hunting and other truck stuff:


And finally, my pimp sled. It's just a V6, because when I bought it I needed relatively good fuel economy. Don't care about that now, but a pimp sled doesn't have to be a race car, so I'm keeping it. It's mildly customized: 20" wheels, Chinese halo headlights, Chinese LED tails, and the obligatory Chinese grille. It'll have a stereo upgrade this coming spring.

Other Vehicles / New section
This section was added so you can show off your other vehicles. You know, those Mustangs, trucks, and other non-fox-T-Bird/Cougar things. Have fun!
Lounge / Interesting concept
Just scrolling through old photos on my computer and came across this. Kinda aero-bird-meets-aero-g-body-ish...
Lounge / The annual "post what you got" thread
So Christmas is winding down, turkeys are being digested, people are relaxing after a hectic couple of months. Christmas is a lot of different things to a lot of different people, and I can respect that. This thread, however, is all about the loot. Whether you got a new-to-you GT40 intake or an LSX-into-fox swap kit (that oughta rile up a few), tell us what Santa brought you.

Me first. I will start out by saying that this is gonna look like a lot of stuff, but a lot of this stuff is from me, to me - a reward to myself after starving myself $2500 richer:

I collect comic strip books, so I got a bunch of those:

For Better or For Worse treasuries Vol. 3 and 4
The Complete Far Side (best. gift. ever.)
Garfield Fat Cat 3 Pack Vol. 17
Zits: Chillax
Zits: Shredded
Zits: Peace, Love & Wi-Fi
Sherman's Lagoon: Lunch Wore a Speedo

Ball-joint/U-joint service kit
5-lb slide hammer puller kit
120-piece Impact socket set
12V Lithium-ion drill & 1/4" impact driver kit
1400-amp booster pack
digital inspection camera
5-piece Vice Grip set

From work: A $200 Home Depot gift card - this will help me build a bigger, better solar heater for the pool. Also that $2500 fat  cheque.

For the truck, all new stereo gear. I've been wanting to upgrade the stereo in the truck because it doesn't have Bluetooth or an Aux jack, and the CD player skips. The Delco/Bose stereo in it sounds awful (no highs, no lows, gotta be Bose). I'm not trying to build a sound-off competition vehicle, I just want it to sound better than it does and have modern functionality:

New "Oaku" (very, very Chinese) head unit with GPS, Bluetooth, DVD, iPod control, backup camera (which should help when connecting trailers), etc (bought on eBay - did I mention it's Chinese?)
Four new "Boss" 6.5" speakers
New "Boss" 100 watt per channel 4-channel amp
Installation kit with interface for GM class II data (to retain warning chimes, etc)
Used 500-watt Kicker amp, 12" sub, Stinger 1-farad cap (I removed it all from the Sonata, which I will be trading in in the springtime)

That about sums it up. I'm also doing some other upgrades on the truck over the holidays - double batteries, hard wiring the plow light, etc.

So, let's hear what you all got!