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At The Track / The Offical 2017 Drag Strip Thead.
Took the bird out to TnT again last night.

Made three runs, all with the nitrous.

First run with 11psi in the tires, it had a little trouble hooking but still went 9.81@138 with a 1.43 60'.

Second run tried short shifting (7200 instead of the usual 7700-7900) to see what would happen. With 10.5psi in tires it went 9.95@135 with a 1.40 60'. New best 60' but the short shifting was a no no.

Third run dropped tires to 10.0 psi and shifted back up where I normally do. Ran 9.79@137 with a 1.39 60'. Finally got this puppy in the 1.3X 60'!

10psi in the tires is as low as I have run them. Seems too low but it hooks and doesn't have any top end dancing around so I dunno. Still would like to get the suspension to where it would hook as good with more tire pressure.
At The Track / The Offical 2017 Drag Strip Thead.
Ran the bird again last night at the local TnT.
Temp was 90 degrees with DA around 5900-6000.

First run, ran a new best with no spray. Went 10.14@134.

Second run, put the bottle in the car hoping for a new best. Went 9.86@136. Good but not good enough.

Third pass, dropped tires from 10.5psi to 10.2 and loosened the rear shocks one click. I also hit the nitrous as soon as I released the brake instead of waiting a split second after TB release.
New best: 9.76@138 with a 1.41 60'
The brand new Hoosier's definitely helped.

I noticed on the video the car seemed jump up more than forward so I may have the IC a little too far back. I will readjust the rear lower control arms for the next track assault and see if it will 60' a little better.
At The Track / Good day at the track
Went to Hobbs, NM for some test hits on the bird.

First run, knocked out a 10.17@131. New best with no bottle in the car.

Second run, accidently turned the top bulb off while transitioning from foot brake to transbrake which turned on the red. I sat there for another couple of seconds and then realized the clock had started so I finally took off. Ran a 12.60@131, lol!

3rd run, said eff it lets put the bottle in. Retarded max timing from 17 to 15 as I wasn't sure what the car would do. I hit the spray (50 shot) about 20-30 feet out so it wouldn't blow the tires off. Didn't feel any faster going down track and sure enough, 10.16@132...hmmmmm.

4th run, put the 2 degrees back in it and ran again (with the nitrous)..9.85@136! I guess it liked the timing, lol.

5th run, added 1 more degree for a total of 18 and tried again. Car spun more this time but still managed a 9.98@135.

6th run, made no changes and tried again. Still spun too much but still ran 9.93@135.

I really need to utilize the 2 stage boost control feature on my EBC as the tires can't seem to handle more than about a 18psi boost launch. Sweet spot seems to be between 15-18psi.

All in all, had a great time.
At The Track / First track outing of 2017
Took the bird to an 1/8th mile track about 160 miles away for some test hits.
First run, it didn't hook good. It actually didn't feel like a regular spin, more like the car was vibrating for the first 15-20 feet. I wonder if the tire pressure needs to come up now that the lower rear control arms are pretty much level.
Anywho, went 6.48@110 with a lousy 1.59 60'. Here is the vid:

Second run, launched but could not go into second gear. Found out the e-clip holding the shift cable on either broke or popped off. Didn't have an e-clip so that ended my day. After the 1-2 shift didn't happen, I just coasted the rest of the way to a 8.02@61mph, lol.
Suspension/Steering / full spherical rear suspension
Quote from: URDAPREY;456433
Thanks for input guys
Are you lubing the sphericals constantly?
They have a nylon protective cover that keeps trash out. I have not lubed them since they were put in.

Edit: Found out they are teflon lined. Not supposed to lube them.
Drivetrain Tech / Mini tub
Here is an 87-88 with a 325/50/15. Not sure on the wheel size though.
Drivetrain Tech / Mini tub
Just need to swap the mustang axle shafts for the 88 t-bird axle shafts to put the wheel back where it was.
A friend has 15x10 w/ 6.5 backspace and 275/60/15 drag radial on his 88 TC. He had to trim and roll the fender lip but it fits and looks good.
Drivetrain Tech / Mini tub
Quote from: Haystack;456366
It should be noted that 87-88 cars have more room in the wheel wells.

Doh, didn't see that OP is working on a 85'.
Suspension/Steering / full spherical rear suspension
Mine has been all spherical (including upper axle mount) for about 2 yrs now. Probably around 2500 miles. Transmits a good amount of road noise and you get a clunk here an there when going over bumps but it isn't that bad. I also have a Team Z ARB in the back that stays hooked up even on the street. Keeps the car remarkably flat even without a front swaybar.
Drivetrain Tech / Mini tub
I run a 275/60/15 drag radial on the street and 28x11.50 Hoosier QTP at the track. Wheels are 15x8 with 5.5" backspace. Never rubs but I also have the rear seat deleted and don't really put anything in the trunk. I also have coilovers all around with 150lb springs in front and 175's in the back. Might go back to 150's on the back.
At The Track / TC finally broke into the nines!
Finally did it last Friday night. Went 9.94@135 on my first and only pass. 60' was kind of blah at 1.51 but it definitely picked up from there. Went 6.34@110 in the 1/8th as well.
Cost me another HG though. When we were staged the tree wouldn't come down so the starter motioned for us to back up. I let off the gas and t-brake but left the N20 button pushed for a split second too long I think. You can see it in the video when it puffs out a cloud of smoke from the exhaust. Guessing HG blew at the stripe because I noticed the tach went to zero while was on the brakes in the shutdown area. Limped it back to the trailer on three cylinders.