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Lounge / Re: Anyone still around?
I check in at least weekly. Still have my birds, someday I’ll get back to them.
General Fox T-Bird/Cougar Discussion / Re: So...LMR is making slick new 10 hole reps in 15x7 and 15x9 in silver and black.
pretty simple.
I  had a machine shop turn the TRX centers down to barely fit into Center Line billet wheels. 16 x 8 fronts and 17 x 8 rears.
I installed long wheel studs.
The C/L wheels mount as normal with 4 lug nuts.
Then the TRX centers mount with another 4 lug nuts
I used some disc brake dust shields behind the TRX centers

Thank you. Now to find some 16” rims that will work.
Lounge / Re: New career direction.
I’m in a bit of a similar situation myself. Good luck with the move, hope it goes well.
Suspension/Steering / Re: Problems with Cobra brake swap
I did a quick google search and the master cylinder size is 15/16"  Isn't that too small for the Cobra brakes and Sn95 rears?

Looks like the 99-04 masters are 1 1/16” bore. Just changing the master to the 99-04 may help pedal feel some. Here is what Jack Hidley (maximum motor sports) had to say about pedal ratios on my thread.

I think you are going to have one problem with the hydroboost installation. All of the 1987-88 T-Birds have a 3.5:1 pedal ratio. That is the pedal pad moves 3.5 units for each unit that it pushes the m/c pushrod. I do not have the data for your 1985 2.3l turbo, but I assume it is the same. You can check you pedal ratio be measuring the physical brake pedal dimensions and dividing one by the other.

The Mustang that you pulled the hydroboost unit from has a pedal ratio of 4.75:1.

Since you appear to have connected the hydroboost unit pushrod to the 3.5:1 pedal pin, the required pedal effort and travel is going to be quite a bit different than what Ford designed. The brake pedal effort is going to be 36% (4.75/3.5) higher. The travel at the pedal pad is going to be reduced by the same amount.

To correctly fix this, the pin on the brake pedal should be moved upwards slightly less than 1" (0.97") and the hydroboost unit should be raised on the firewall to correctly align the pushrod so it is straight.