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Electrical Tech / Digital gauge cluster refresher needed
Hello all, it's been a heck of a long time. It's been 20+ years since I was here last. Nothing like coming home. Lol used to have tons of fox body cougars and t-birds and one mn-12 cougar. I original used to play around with putting the fox full digits clusters in my cars till I found that beautiful one in the 89 on up cars. It fit in everything and was so easy to mod the wiring once you had a few core signals and swapped a few sensors out.

I put them in every ford I had back then. Fox body cougars and thirds. My fox stangs, my grandmothers crown Vic, and even my ranger. Did write ups on all tgr pages back then on how to do it all.

Flash forwards to now and I find myself in a 90 cougar with an buttstuffog cluster, just screaming to be swapped out for a wifi cluster. The basic swap is easy enough. Find a car in the junk yard and snitch the cluster with buttons, oil, temp, and fuel senders. Repin the cluster and add a pin to #34 on the ecm for the fuel flow and add the resistor in the alt wire. And wha-la working cluster.

 But I know that stock, the cluster tops out at 99 mph. But I know there is a way to make it read over 100, just like the fox ones were able to be nodded to do.  I can't remember how anymore. I'm pretty sure it was just jumping a resistor like you had to do with the fox style ones. But which one is it? Anyone remember?

The next question is for my next vehicle to get this cluster modded into it. My 93 full sized bronco. I can swap out the senders for the digital cluster from the doner car just like all the others. Well I have to get a fuel sender from a Lincoln with a digits cluster because of the differences in tank Configuration. But the one oddball I might have a time with is the fuel flow signal . that's the one that is used by the right hand tripminder section of the cluster to calculate fuel economy. It counts the injector pulse per minute to get the pulse/gallons per hour.

 It is on most ford cars on pin 34 of the ecm, 31 for minivans. I'm hoping that its like most cars and not listed. And ill just plug in a wire and be in business. But just in case, I was wondering what sensor the ecm used to monitor the pulse per minute count on the injectors? That way I might be able to add it into the bronco and get everything working again.

I know that was long winded. Sorry. But I appreciate any info anyone still might have.
Electrical Tech / Digital dash and H.O swap
my guese is if it stoped working all of a suden, it most likely the clip that plugs into the sender on the tranny came undone youmay of had something fly up and knockit off.
Electrical Tech / Where to put the Tach Wire? (tach isn't working)
Quote from: Sduneman3;154339
What do you mean by that?

according to coolcats on pin one ofthe clip on that cluster there should be a red andyellow wire and it should have 12v swiched to power the oil presure and tach guages if you don't have the 12v to run it the pulses from the neg. side of the coil won't count right.
Electrical Tech / Where to put the Tach Wire? (tach isn't working)
have you applied power to the red and yellow on position #1. that would stop it from working.DO NOT RUN IT TO THE POSITIVE(RED WIRE) OF THE COIL IT WILL FRY IT. i have the digital cluster with the tach on mine and it works it's on the green wire.
Electrical Tech / calling bondocougar need some digi info!!!PLEASE!!!
Quote from: jcassity;151244
im curious,, there must be some proviions on the laminate for jumpers.
btw,, that is very impressive indeed.  You must be real good with wiring and all.

there are provisions just like the ones on the foxstyle, i just don't want to just start adding jumpers to the thing and fry it. and as for the wiring it's not all that hard. the major wiring was to add the tach wire,the fuel flow wire,and the speed signal taht the car did'nt have alredy. everything else was just a clip and solier  together. not much different than changing a fox with the half anolog cluster to the full digital one,like the one i did with my cougar that you guys were so great at helping with.
Electrical Tech / New guy needs HELP!!
no problem .if its not the wires then scott is probably right that the circut tape is the culprit but i would'nt think so sine it was bad on your replacement one too. but if it is just look on the tape to see if you can see any gaps in the circut line if not just fallow it from where the clip plugs in for the power and the ground to the bottom of the pod and check continuity through the circut tape. when you handle these tapes you have to keep in mind that they're 20+ years old and are usually pretty brittle. i don't like to futzs with them any more tan i have the way rogers the name for use in the future.