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Lounge / Re: Anyone still around?
I still check in frequently, even though I sold my T-Bird 13 years ago. I'm still holding out hope that I'll find that perfect 4-eye Bird with vent windows some day...
Lounge / Re: seeds
I had some bird seed once and threw it on the ground.

Not a single bird grew out of that bird seed. I lost my interest in gardening.
Lounge / Re: Annual Appeal
*asks in Canadian* Can you do Interac e-transfer? Is that even a thing for Americans?

Hmmmm, never heard of it before. Looks like for an international transfer you'd need my bank information. I'm not sure if I should be comfortable with that LOL.

I guess I could also take Apple Pay if anyone is an Apple user. Never got paid via text before but that's already set up on my iPhone.

You only need an email address, but it probably doesn’t work in USA. I’ve been stupid busy and haven’t had time to follow up on this, but maybe I could send some $$ to Baxo, since he’s a fellow Canuckian?
Lounge / Re: Annual Appeal
*asks in Canadian* Can you do Interac e-transfer? Is that even a thing for Americans?
Lounge / Re: Havent been here in awhile.
I sold my Thunderbird in 2010. Been casually looking for another one (this time a four-eye Bird with vent window doors) but not doing any really searching. Got married, sold a house, bought another house, just last week sold that house (at a huge profit) and currently looking for another house, this time in the country with a hundred acres or so that I can hunt on.

After the Thunderbird I've had several vehicles: A Chrysler 300 (the Pimp Sled), a Hyundai Sonata (my first brand new car, burned to the ground in my driveway), a 2015 Mustang GT, two Chevy Avalanches, a 2020 F150 SuperCrew 4x4 3.5 Ecoboost, and a BMW X3 35i XDrive (still have the F150 and BMW), an more - those are just the ones worth mentioning and don't include the beaters. Worked at a large used car lot, then a Honda dealership, now a Euro specialty shop (hence the BMW - I don't have to be afraid of it, I can fix it).
Misc Tech / Re: Semi-broken front seats and hood latching issue
The seat thing is the infamous "Fox Lean". Your seat back frame is broken. The hood latch thing could be a seized latch (try slobbering it with penetrating fluid and manually working it to free it up), or a bad cable (make sure the release handle returns to the rest position by itself without pushing on it).