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need a seating solution

My base LS  seats are sucking.  They are in fine shape, but are cutting into my left leg/buttock on the edge.  It sucks to drive and uncomfortable.  I am 6'  230lbs. 

Has anyone tried these seats from LMR?

I have a set of 84 Mustang sport seats I could have redone.  Im not sure they would be much better.  I cant find a decent set of Tbird cougar sport seats around here at all.  Guy on FEP had a nice set, but they were in Ohio. 

What about sn95 seats fitting?

Any advise is appreciated.

Re: need a seating solution

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I ran some early SN95 GT seats in my old '84 Cougar. I liked them, but I'm not sure of the exact issue you're having and if they would be an improvement for you.
This was a LONG time ago, so the only details I remember were that they bolted up to the stock rails with no issues.

I do have the set of front seats from my '85 LTS that I'm replacing with a nicer set I have, but they may be similar to your current seats.

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Re: need a seating solution

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I'm not sure of the exact issue you're having

Its like the seat is too narrow for my ass, and the left side of the seat bottom is pushing in to my left thigh.  LOL

The seat isnt torn, but maybe the foam on that side has broken down and im feeling the lower frame/support?

Re: need a seating solution

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I haven't tried the seats you linked to from Lmr but I agree with Chuck, the Sn95 seats bolt right to the Tbird tracks, they are comfortable and supportive (I'm 6'1 and 242) and I love mine. They have held up better than any of the fox era stuff I've used in the past.

And I think I paid 40 bucks for the pair at a swap meet, although I don't think the salvage yards would charge much more as long as you take them without the sn95 seat tracks which you can't use anyhow. They want like 15 bucks per side for seat tracks at the yards I have hit.

Skip the leather, Ford's leather has been, still is, and apparently always will be... junk. Get cloth ones and make sure you keep the seat track bolts if you are taking the sn95 tracks off.

Re: need a seating solution

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I put a set of '98 GT seats into a friend's Fox Stang...huge improvement. He's also a bigger fella and said upon the first drive with the new seats that it felt a lot better.

Leather..ughh. It's nice to look at but wears like shiznit and will eventually...look like shiznit as well.

If I could find myself an Expedition Platinum eco boost with cloth and withOUT that ed moonroof, I'd be happier than a hog in a new mudhole.

Unfortunately....effing Ford and their junk moonroofs.

I've also noticed that the SN95 seats don't seem to get (or maybe as bad?) that good ole Fox gangsta lean like the older seats get..
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