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EEC / computer power relay relocation

I  was really disappointed in how ford mounted the computer power relay.  Its location being difficult to get to is an understatement.
I am considering lowering it downward and over to an area that would put it basically behind the glove box.

meaning,, you open said glove box then push in the tab of the clove box so it swings completely down.  now when you look at your hvac enclosure, to the right there would reside the power relay.


tid bit of random knowledge her in case anyone out there needs to know...............................................
*** IF *** you have a ford engine with a CFI fuel injection system.... your EEC power relay is unique unto itself.  it is not by any stretch a mirror of what you would know of as a standard relay.   more specifically, if your engine has an IDLE SPEED Control Motor, mounted to the side of your CFI,  the proper relay for your car would be one that has a time delay built into the low current side / coil side of the relay offering a time delay when you turn your ign sw "OFF".  during power down, the eec power relay stays energizd for a couple seconds to respot / re-position the nose of the ISC motor for your next startup.  once this eec command is complete, the eec power relay will power down.,,, actually after a couple seconds it will power down.  All im saying here is that the eec power relay has a power down time delay built into it just for the sake of properly operating the ISC motor controller.

I swapped in a 5.0L sefi into an originally built 3.8L CFI coug, i was able to use a standard relay for this application and so would anyone else who *does not* have an ISC motor controller typically only equipped on CFI application engines by ford.

Re: EEC / computer power relay relocation

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It's a pain to get to, but how often does one really need to access it. It shouldn't be a problem to relocate it pretty much anywhere else.

Thanks for the note on the EFI relay on the CFI cars. I'll be doing a port injection swap with a MegaSquirt on the LTS and I'll make sure I swap out the relay.
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Re: EEC / computer power relay relocation

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since last dealing with this eec power relay, i did happen to spot it where it should be but that was on my white coug i completely overhauled going 3.8L to 5.0 & flat black paint, folding rear seat, fuel pump access hatch, subframes, dual exhaust,  fuel filter relocation to engine bay, 2'' tube steel re-enforced rad core supppor & front end support so car can be towed from front or rear, mining belt pads at four points for future jacking up of car or lifts,, list of improvments go on and on including built in pop out drink HOLDER!!!!.

my point was if anyone did this,, did they remember if any wires needed extended or not.
iirc, one or two wires traveled "up" wth no slack.

from what i observed, the best way to get to the relay is through the pass front speaker opening.,,, howeveer,,,
you have to fabricate a tiny tool to poke into a special spot on the speaker grill in order to remove it properly.  i did know this until i poped the grill off and discivered the tab.  the shop manual did not mention this at all anywhere that i was able to find.