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Clumping noise from breaking 1988 Cougar

Hello how do you do hopefully you can help me figure out this problem and I'm sure other people may have experienced the same problem :cougarsmily:
So anyway when I put my foot on the break I hear this like clumping noise or when I'm in reverse and I put my foot on the break I hear the clumping noise again is only on the left side not on the right side
And it just drives me crazy sometimes when I go on a bump I hear it but not that often usually when I'm putting my foot on the brake to stop or if I really put a lot of brake pressure I hear this clumping noise
And when it was raining it rained a lot here the clumping noise went away I didn't hear it at all we had some really hard rains that came through and I didn't hear the clumping noise the whole time I was driving that day even a couple days afterwards
But then the clumping noise came back and I only hear it again I stressed this strongly when my foot is on the brake or stepping on the brake for stopping
Now let me tell you what I replace I replace the tie rod, wheel bearings   I replace the ball joint which it needed cuz there was a little play in that anyway
I replace the brake pad I replace the caliper the caliper pins so I don't know what else to replace I don't even know what's causing it I have a feeling it's the calibers but the calipers are new along with the brake pads so I'm at a loss as to what it could be maybe you can think of something or somebody who might know the answer to this😮 :cougarsmily:

Re: Clumping noise from breaking 1988 Cougar

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Did you replace the hardware for the pads and caliper?

I would check the ball joints and the top hat on the strut too.  You didn't mention anything about the sway bar?
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