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Painting interior parts

Ok guys 2 questions…..
1- What is the exact color of my 85 Anniversary Tbird interior? Is it Lite Regatta blue ?
2- How do I go about re-painting the drivers side arm rest. The previous owner touched it up with a darker blue and I would like to get a closer match. What type of prep work etc is involved and is SEM paint the way to go?
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Re: Painting interior parts

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There is a trim code on your door tag (two letters). It should be something like HB. The B is Regatta Blue (H would be the seat trim/style).

Are you talking about the arm rest on the door panel? I have had limited success in painting them. The harder vinyl surfaces have a tendency to keep the paint sticky*. However, can they be color matched? Sure.

I have always used paint from the auto paint shops, mixed and ready to spray in a spray gun. Usually I go with PPG as it's more readily available in my area, but DuPont is just fine also. Getting paint made this way is the best way to guarantee that the paint will match. It dries quickly, stays pliable, and bites into the surface well. Just FYI, a lot of auto paint shops can mix up the paint and put it into a spray can for you. That's the best of all worlds if you can do it.

Going with aftermarket spray cans, I can tell you that the Regatta Blue from LMR does not match the factory shade at all. Do not waste your time and money on that. I am unsure if SEM has a pre-made blue that matches Regatta Blue. I believe DupliColor has an interior paint line and you might find something close there.

Your finished product is only going to be as good as your prep work. The armrest will have to be removed, lightly sanded to get any big imperfections out of the old paint (don't sand all the grain out though!), and then wiped down with wax/grease remover. You probably should consider spraying adhesion promoter on first, as that puts a layer between the surface and the paint and will greatly help in making sure the paint does not remain forever sticky. Then you can spray away...all of these paints will cover the old color, no need for a primer, and you will end up only needing 2-3 coats. Recommend at least a 24-hour drying period before putting back in the car.

Over time the paint may scratch a little and that's kind of normal with use. Easy enough to spray a touch-up.

* I have your door panels and the map pockets are a constant source of pain and misery for me, as every single one that I've tried to paint has stayed tacky, even following the correct prep guidelines outlined above. I'm told it's the release compound imbedded in the vinyl since new that is the problem. No way to get around that except find another panel and hope for the best. I might give up and get it vinyl wrapped. Just FYI.